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  • Orginaljun reply Vidme is great, i love it ^^. Its just that it's on a delicate place right now. The new video's page need some work and people trying to miss use the upvote or hot/trending page and I have my worries, but i am a patient guy so i will wait and support vidme as i always do, uploading original video's. Vidme is getting popular, that's a good thing :). However it's more creators, than viewers. Nothing wrong with creators, but most creators are not gonna donate, subscribe, give tips. Still i love vidme more than youtube, because i like the vidme crew for the hard work they did the past 6 months. Al lot of things changed on this site and its all for the content creator. they are hard working people the vidme crew, so ye i trust them that they will solve the problems, unlike youtube drastic changes on all creators. Its getting better little by little, so we all need to be patient and we just need to focus on our own content uploads and get better each time.
  • DanielHuntington reply You know, for a while, I admittedly felt frustrated that I wasn't growing, but I kept going. However, on Monday, my channel got verified. This was a surprise I honestly didn't expect, but I am super grateful for that, because it finally got me past the barrier of only being able to upload up to 3GB per week and gave me much more freedom on what I can upload. I'm not so worried about followers anymore, although I grew up to 50 today, which is pretty crazy. Rather I just keep uploading the videos I want to make, and consider the feedback a welcome bonus. :)
  • [ – ] PeterPatter reply You're right about it being like YouTube in 2005. I believe that us early users are getting in "on the ground floor". However, I feel there is one danger: If a lot of big names get angry with YouTube for some reason (it's inevitable) and say "screw you, YouTube, I'm moving to Vidme!" -- they could bring their fans with them, and end up dominating this site – and the rest of us could be crowded out and disappear. :(
    • Orginaljun parent reply You have a interesting question for newcomers at vidme, Still vidme is different from youtube, Vidme is always creating a way for smaller content creators to be seen even with bigger popular video's. Of course you need to make interesting original content, if people make content with no effort input then its normal that the video's get no views or upvotes. If people work 7 days on 1 video, then people can see the effort you put in. Youtube ads are coming back and that is a good thing, but still i feel like i am working at factory at youtube and youtube decide in the end which is front page video's and which video's cannot be seen at all. Vidme crew are not corporate people and really thinks with the creator. Of course some people need to be polite when asking things at vidme. We all are people in the end and cursing helps no one. So in the end we all need to focus on our own video content to make it better each time if people really want to get popular on vidme or youtube. Less worry...moreing and start working on our content as video creators. Not everyone has the same taste, so not every people are gonna follow those bigger youtubers.
  • ELBADGAMER reply if i leave vidme, will be becouse not are people in my language. simple.
  • [ – ] sapphiredskye reply Only a 1000 people post on vidme? Really? Wow.
    • cruzando parent reply I'm not sure if that's exact number I may have guessed too much or just a tad bit too little there's not alot of active people lol so when people leave in groups it hurts all of us
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