Рожаниця - Котилися вози з гори

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  • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 reply Thank you dear :) you are always in my thoughts as well :) Slava ! :)
    • [ – ] KEM_67 parent reply My pleasure. The woman all the way out to the left is one the two woman who sings in the Folknery - Karchata video you uploaded 5 days ago. :) Have a great day!
      • [ – ] WhiteWolf2412 parent reply Oh yes, it's her alright.... she put weight on though . You too dear :) have a great day :)
        • [ – ] KEM_67 parent reply :) This is from 2011. Karchata is from 2014. I think she has lost weight. But yes she is curvy, i like curvy woman, as long as they are not obese.
          • WhiteWolf2412 parent reply Yes, she has lost the weight then and good for her...and yes, MM curvy is fine ... singer on this video falls into obese category though. It's just that obesity has been celebrated and promoted as of lately.. which is not just anti-aesthetical but unhealthy as well
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