Nintendo Switch - Live Stream Event Reaction

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  • [ – ] OffShootComics reply You know I have no idea why they won't just embrace the power of the Xbox and PS4 and give us a true next (or current now) gen console!
    • Axel-Q_ parent reply Yes, Not only will they be on par with Ps4 and X-box if they just made it current gen but if they had 3rd party support, easy to develop for and stop with marketing only to kids they would be on top on which console to buy. For me gimmicks are a hassle and worthless why spend money on tablet controller(heard before patched You NEEDED IT) or ps3 case motion controller never a fan and waste of time instead could have used money for more exclusives, improved network, XMB. I like Nintendo but I stopped buying their products after GameCube I'm PC and PS4 they want my money then its very simple graphics on ps4 and X-box quality, No region lock, 3rd party support, No gimmicks (Seriously NO!) then we will talk and if you want to stir up competition add making it backwards compatible,4k blu ray region free, store Mp4 and Mp3 files and its a must buy for me.
  • [ – ] Axel-Q_ reply I never expected Nintendo to make it region free but Not buying. I still want a console to rival PS4 and x-box not a hybrid console/portable system. Seriously Nintendo stop with the gimmicks focus on making a great online experience use GameCube controller as your main controller and like PS4 just improve it and make it backwards compatible and its launch buy for me. Sucks I wont be able to buy gundam but I can live with Playstation gundam exclusives g generation genesis looks great (English subs too) and just saw the game play for gundam versus.
    • OffShootComics parent reply By the time they increase the power of their consoles PS4 and Xbox will have freaking real people and be able to alter reality lol
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