Raw & Real: Don't Give Up on Vidme & Don't Fucken Quit! #BlackoutEdition

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply To me I just really enjoy seeing those I follow, people will come and go, and I'm pretty good at finding those that are passionate about what they create. I'm here to stay and so are these guys. Yes, Enjoy!
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Honey, I'm so grateful that you found me, and you see that I ain't going nowhere lol. But yes, I'm loving the content that I see and follow, such an awesome community :)
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply I like the angle lol Yes for me its a hobby and its fun making videos I love it too! Bracelets?... you do have many talents :)
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Thanks honey, I actually like the angle too quite frankly lol. To have fun in doing what you love is truly a beautiful thing, especially on such a supportive platform like Vidme, for this is where its at! Oh yes, my bracelets *smilez*: http://www.soulfulpride.storenvy.com ...I'm just peeling off layers of me more and more *wink*.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply *Snaps* Hella yes! Support and love makes the world goes around! You just be you, girl! Whoo!!
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply *SNAP SNAP* You know that I'll always be me baby, I got this lol! But yesss, the love is present on Vidme, I can feel it! :-D
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Hey, you're doing pretty damn good with no laptop and just one recording device. You're right though, this is something that's for pure enjoyment because it's fun to make and share with others. Agree with everything you mentioned and I'm praying for your laptop lol 🙏
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Sweetie, I'm trying...my fucking best lol! Exactly, let's just have some fun, for we're lucky to be alive in this Vidme movement, this is HUGE, I can feel it USUandS :) . Oh I'm praying for my laptop too haha!
      • [ – ] USUandS parent reply It's very possible lol! But who knows, i'm havin fun regardless. What do you think is wrong with your laptop?
        • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Probably a damn virus, too much to explain about why it was suddenly trippin so much, from the browser to the whole laptop freezing and slowing down, it was fucking up, but we're gonna keep praying lol.
  • [ – ] GeekWisdom reply Very good video sweetie. And very true. I saw a video on Facebook yesterday that made an excellent point: wealth is not about what you have; it's about what you give. Tomorrow I start my weekly mission to do shoutouts on both YouTube and Vidme. And I will do them even if only one person asks. It's so important that people work together to create a positive feeling on a site like this. It's sad that people are giving up on it. And I am glad we are both here to try again. <3
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Aww thank you honey *BIG HUGZ*, and frankly, I'm fucking happy you're back, and I failed to mention this: Do NOT let the trolls win and drive you away, PERIOD! You belong here Tanya, so try-try again baby, you better stay sweetheart, I got your back *BIG HUGZ*! I was hoping you would start shoutting folks out, yaay! :-D
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply Cheered at the "It's not that fucking serious." comment, followed by don't worry about everybody else.
    • PoeticOldSoul parent reply Hahaha that's right gurl, and thank you so much, it's all about doing your thing and having fun while you're at it, but don't get sucked into the bullshit, because again, it's really not that serious lol, for vid making is a pastime, a hobby, but a passionate one at that ;)
  • [ – ] ShadowerCreations reply Great vid!
  • [ – ] ZTV_Productions reply Couldn't have put it better myself. Why ain't this video trendin'? lol.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Thank you darling, you know I had to shout you out lol, and you missed it, I was actually trending in the top 10 yesterday, I was up there honey lol, just wish I was getting tipped, now THAT I cannot understand, why ain't this video getting tipped?! Haha :-P
      • [ – ] ZTV_Productions parent reply lol, right? But you know folks start acting different when money comes into the equation. Once I'm a bit more established, I'd like to start tipping. And thanks very much for the shout out. I appreciate it!
        • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply Gurrl, folks do act funny when it comes to donating, I think there's some sort of favortism going on..don't get me started *smh*, I keep shit 100 & I guess folks can't handle realness from a sistah, but I REFUSE to do a jig and be some ass-kissing negro for tips, no ma'am lol! But same here, I do want to pay it forward too when my change isn't so strange lol. Honey, you are so welcome ;) #BlackoutEdition
  • [ – ] Roamancing reply I like that, "Poetic Old Soul Blackout Edition"!
  • [ – ] Westley_Nash reply I agree, we have to help make the platform of VidMe a success 👍 What's frustrating me however is how some people on here are now calling other creators work as trash, like their individual opinion is somehow more important than anyone else. Good & bad co the t is in the eye of the individual. If we start down that road it will become a real crappy place to be for everyone. We can't blame others for why we aren't making it. We have to keep pushing & trying with our own work, not worry about what others are doing.
    • [ – ] PoeticOldSoul parent reply TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH WESTLEY! I'm noticing more and more that these assholes want to act like lil bitches and start drama with other users like it's the thing to do, apparently they must not be happy with themselves if they're going to take it out on others on vidme, that right there is such a shitty move to trash talk other users, tell users how to make vids and expect us to listen, like they're God, fuck that! These fools need to stay in their lane and chill the fuck out with the nonsense, take some fucking responsibility & stop acting like punk ass vidme bitches, I see the men doing more of the shit talking than the women, WTF LMAO! So yeah honey, I had to go there with my Raw & Realness, right? LOL
      • Westley_Nash parent reply I just think that it's lazy. "Those who can't? Criticise!!" Why?.. Because it's easy, whereas creating takes actual effort 😉
  • Onno_Vocks reply Hmm, well it's different for every content creator. I can spend 6-7 hours just to get the footage for a 5 minute video, not including travel time. I then have to review all the footage I have, which will take the same amount of time as shooting it, before I can start editing, ..if I have something worth seeing or listening to. Sometimes I do this 3 times a week. Some 12 year old with 1 video consisting of a narrative over a played video game can get verified, while someone who publishes using their real name, doesn't ask for or expect any money and has many TBs of footage, gets the rules changed during the game and can't get verified. Without verification you can't tag and categorize your videos. Most my videos don't even show in the new video feed. I think that's why some creators are running elsewhere; if your videos can't be found there is no need to publish them; it's really that simple. I certainly won't give vidme my best stuff if it's just going to sit there unwatched for weeks ...moreor months.
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