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  • [ – ] terrythetwinkler reply twinkle on em
  • [ – ] Exometrium reply beautiful
    • Soops parent reply
  • [ – ] MyAbsurdum reply I like Jontron and it's great that he's always improving his content, with a studio and crew members and everything, but I don't watch his newer videos as much as his old videos. There's something charming and nostalgic about them that always brings me back.
    • [ – ] Soops parent reply Yeah I know what you mean. I find it great that Jontron has improved immensely content wise, but I feel that nothing can beat his classics. However, I do check on him from time to time as well. Thanks for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated! 8)
  • [ – ] Freighttrain reply good stuff man, i go back to misterepicmanns old stuff, idk if thats as old as waht u meantion tho. hopefully editing is still funny tho in "2017", because thats my style, as long as its accompanied with some genuine humor i guess
    • Soops parent reply Thanks for the feedback! Standards are limitless in making videos, so if editing is your style, then keep doin it!
  • [ – ] LeeFon reply Wasn't going to really do anything, but then you pulled out the Francis of the Filth clip. Well played, Mr. Can. Well played.
  • [ – ] CuneiformHub reply A podcast like that'd be pretty cool. As for older you tubers, sometimes I take a peek at what NigaHiga and GFXlab are up to.
    • Soops parent reply Thank you!! Yeah we are considering making the podcast. We just gotta plan a bunch of stuff ahead of time so we can make it seem/sound interesting!
  • [ – ] Wulfe reply One of my favorite memories is watching the call of duty troll videos before everyone started doing them lol
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply LOL, i love watching Papa Franku. I still watch Nigahiga, i think he is one of the old youtubers who still upload quality content, however I miss Kevjumba. And yes, sometimes I go back to watch older vids for nostalgia to remind myself why and how i started making videos because of them.
    • Soops parent reply YES Kevjumba was one of my favorites. I was pretty disappointed when he stopped uploading. He was a legendary YouTuber. (Well, for me lol.) Buuut I respect his decision haha.
  • [ – ] AllTheCoins reply Yo I looooooove your banner
    • Soops parent reply Ayy! Its YA BOI AllTheCoins!! LOL I'm just messing with ya. Thank you! I worked pretty hard on it LOL.
  • [ – ] Christmas_Elf_Tv reply Cleanliness
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