Streets of Rogue - 03 -- We Will Remember Simon the Gorilla Friend

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  • [ – ] Tiddliwinks reply RIP Gorirra Frand 2017-2017.
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply almost as sad as #Harambe dying :'(
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply Buying the full version next week, been playing the demo for about a month. Maybe I'll catch you online some time.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply If a gorilla come in the least i would do was poo my self. I would probably also vomit my self, cry, pee too and have a fit or something lol. "A moment of silence for our gorilla friend" lol i was thinking if he does a minute of silence I'd be shocked hahaha. It would have been funny but also risky lol. If this music does get you in the mood for killing don't get it for outside!! Haha! No way! Your on the bus and suddenly this games soundtrack plays and you go "aaahhhhhh i have maximum knock back, rip my gorilla buddy!" And pummel civilians haha. Enjoyed this one man it was a good romp.
    • KinTailFox parent reply Its one thing I love about this game, it's not serious and it's just really fighty which appeals to me. Also, if I had to fight in public I'd probably pick Kendo as the style cause I can wear a helmet and pads and basically bat people into the next century. I'm a sarcastic person sadly, not a fighter. My main move is distract and run. x3
  • [ – ] RetroBit reply If a gorilla charged in and started throwing punches, shitting your pants would be smartest idea. They might take it as a sign of distress and ignore you as a potential target! Laughed pretty loud at the end... Attempts to "save" that final mission character from it's attacker.. Annnddd.. hahaha.
    • KinTailFox parent reply Yup. Not my best run but I can not get enough of this game. I'm saving up money to upgrade my Internet to fiber so I can at least stream it.
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