Anime Painting 1 - Sorcerer's Academia - Poisoned Fruits Page 1 - Part 2 - Foreground Elements and Sky

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  • [ – ] AoDLegacy reply I just saw the way you did the skies, that was amazing!
    • RulaDraws parent reply I assure you, every videos I post there's something to learn :D Keep watching! I'll be posting something special today.
  • [ – ] AoDLegacy reply How long does this take to do? This looks like it takes forever to do, but the style seems great! Great work on the shading!
    • RulaDraws parent reply I'm a lazy bum that's why it took soo long. Maybe it's also psychological. I work really slow because I'm not used to this type of drawing. Hopefully, when I get used to it, I will make my drawings zippy. Right now, it's experimenting and testing. That cloud technique you saw, I just learned that recently by watching Ctrl-Paint. Sorry for the lengthy reply but I kinda want to say that learning and experimenting while trying my best to get the most quality takes time. THANKS FOR ZE COMMENT. I hope you stick to the channel hehe.
  • [ – ] 24_GamerAnimations reply My gawd, I totally love your artstyle!
    • RulaDraws parent reply I have an artstyle? WOOOOOOOOAAAHHH! THANKS! Music, btw, came from The girl who leapt through time, Your Name, and wolf children respectively.
  • RulaDraws reply Here's something for you if you watched this :D
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