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  • Turbo_Spice reply 1. Picking him up and swinging him around can cause serious brain damage not to mention the emotional trauma. Poor Cody. 2. OH GOD...A megaphone on a kid's bad, but a kid that's just woken? Be ready for the burst eardrums. 3. PUT THE BLOODY MEGAPHONE DOWN, MIKE!!! Oh fuck a duck, puke city, here I come! 4. 5. A megaphone and a kid with diagnosed mental issues. *dripping with sarcasm*The state doesn't see it as a problem, why should you Mike? 6. Even when I was a kid, dangling a child by the ankles was I see it as Mike needs waking up for a week by someone yelling into that megaphone. 7. Sorry, Jake?? KNEW it was a prank, that's why he wasn't so upset. 8. Flipping bastard!! He sets it up, so Cody loses? And he calls himself a dad? Then he upsets Cody and blackmails him? Then, his Xbox is given to the girls who drop it and destroy it, all the while Mike is laughing and ignoring requests to turn the camera off...What an incredible fucktard!
  • Phantomdevil reply Poor kid is going to be a serial killer. When he gets older. His dad need to be locked up!
  • TheLibertyBear reply Great work with this. When do you think part 2 will come out?
  • Omidas reply I would refrain from adding anything to the clips. Adding personal opinions or leading material could make this inadmissable as evidence and defeat the point of compiling these clips in the first place.
  • NominalGiant reply That guy is a subhuman pile of shit! I HOPE he and that land whale he married are arrested and and those kids are given a better life.
  • GalorkBearson reply I truly hate emotional abusers. They try to make it so that they skirt the law and make it hard for their victims to know if they're worth anything.
  • The_Hollow_Gentleman reply This is abhorrent... but of course their state law says ALL that is totally fine... I truly hope Cody get to be reunited with his mother, this is truly sickening
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