Bad Anime Review : Cute Girls Do Not Make a Plot!

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  • [ – ] EvilOtter reply i tried watchin hand shakers and schoolgirl striker...couldn't get through the 1st ep. but cute girl without plot isn't always bad, nyanko days is just cuteness overload, like sticking your head in a bowl of sugar and eating your way out
  • [ – ] boozebgood reply Nice to see people actively reading comments, much better the youtube!!
  • [ – ] SirShabadoobie reply Hand shakers from what I seen was a bootleg Fate/Stay Night lol
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I have a buddy that his guilty pleasure is idol anime. My friends and I joke about it pretty often but it's not malicious. I checked out a few episodes of Idol Jihen thinking there would be some kind of twist to it but it's really just girls visiting other girls in Japan and doing idol things. Pretty flavorless stuff so I dropped it. If the other anime you mentioned are as bad as Idol Jihen I can feel justified in giving it a pass. Thanks. :D
    • FreshSocksFox parent reply Hehehe xD Idol Jihen is baaad. So bad. I thought it would be good because I mean combining idol girls with politics sounds interesting.
  • [ – ] boozebgood reply wow hard to see comment box in this, good video so happy you didn't list anyone's i liked lol
  • [ – ] WinterHarrison reply If you could perhaps do a clip of the anime you are referring to to show us what you mean. Would surely help. (。・ω・。)
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