Religion and Explosions in The People's Republic of Canada

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  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Christian community needs to think about this, Trudeau has joined in Muslim Prayers at several Mosques. There are many videos of Trudeau joining them in prayer. Would any true Christian bow to another god. He is a Globalist and he wants easy votes that is why he is bringing in so many refugees. It has nothing to do with defending Canada, or working for Canadians. Trudeau said he admiration for CHINA'S basic dictatorship. CHINA dictatorship uses dumping and trade imbalances. Then Trudeau praised CASTRO calling him a loving and great leader. He give 15 million to organizations with ties to terrorism. He has also commits $2.65-billion to climate-change funding, who is getting our TAX dollars for a fake problem, this is a Globalist moving our money. Canada's pension fund is ready to invest $2 billion in affordable housing in Mumbai, why can't he invest the money into Canada to solve the housing problems in his own country. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to donate $650 ...moremillion for abortions world wide. Justin Trudeau took an MP, party president to vacation on Aga Khan’s private island after the Khan Foundation Canada received $75 million. Trudeau has praised communist leaders, gives money to terrorist, when a mother said to him that she can't pay her bills his response is hopefully the province will help you. He is going ahead with his plans to add climate TAXES. It has to be obvious Canada is Trudeau's piggy bank.
  • freerangehobo reply The same can be said of those who profess Christianity but prove themselves hypocrites by doing and living opposite of it's own standards. They who are Christian only in name but not in deeds, are no better than Mohammed who set down laws but did not live by them. In both instances, they nullify any objectives that are otherwise beneficial. The Bible says you must not murder, yet pseudo-Christians have been behind some of the most heinous murder campaigns throughout history. The Bible says you must love your neighbor, yet hate reigns throughout Christendom. No wonder masses of people worldwide have abandoned Religion altogether.
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