Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Episode 5 | Purple Woman | Mister Shots

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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Sound around 6:15 uhhhg 😒 which now that I said something you would do more so nevermind I said nothing. Your voices are classic don't listen to my other me @GHondo
  • GHondo reply 1:29 - Holy shit dude, your female voice was.... painfully bad. Stick with 'Tard voice. 3:32 - "KOKariko" nice... :) 4:50 - I like how the very first thing you do upon entering a village is head straight for the nearest chicken, pick it up over your head, and start running... That's not creepy at all! 6:43 - The guy to your left, running down the stairs, looked a little... light in the loafers, if you know what I mean... :) 8:44 - You get goose bumps when you touch KOKKos. Of course you do... Allergies, you say? Sure, sure... :)
  • Mister_Shots reply She's apperently allergic to them :)
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