They Don't Really Want Freedom Of Speech - Mgtow

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  • psalm1839 reply Bada boom realist mgtow in the room.
  • Insidio reply MGTOW real Man ... GO ANGRY
  • [ – ] GeorgeSodini reply Glad you found a new home. You created quite the uproar angry and now even the anti-feminsts are calling for the persecution of single men. Man you were right, anti-feminists are no different from feminism. I was trolling their chats and among all the virginTow shaming, I point out that this is proof of gynocentrism, yet they continue to say that gynocentrism is nonsense and it is women who are opressed. Pussy apparently has the power to make men as stupid as women, and it is obviously in short supply these days. This is why we call them manginas. Boy am I glad I am mgtow, the IQ level of this society is dropping like a stone and I want no part of it.
  • PoopsOnShitheads reply happy you're back dude mang. PLEASE PUT YOUR VIDS BACK UP! i really wanted to listen to you talk shit to some dumb american. anyways like i said i am ASIAMINORMGTOW on youtube. we are with you dude mang! keep it going!
  • [ – ] YouTubesucksass reply I kinda like more than SJWtube.
  • Kiruna reply extremes have much in common, a big one is intolerance. most of us in usa, at least 80% are tolerant, pragmatic. the extremists have reached their high water mark, and now the tide is going against them. economics, survival of people from working poor to elites, is now at stake. we can no longer afford the luxury of these crazy extremists. so they are going away, or they are going to be crushed by the forces now at work.
  • PhoenixRising reply Exactly! They say it's a crime to be an asshole and we should be censored. Lol. We will win when/if this topic goes to a higher/supreme court. This censoring will become a bigger issue as more people realize whats happening. Keep it up Angry!
  • [ – ] Perseus_Gold reply You can't ignore the fact we need children to carry on our values. We need women if we are going to keep winning and keep the ground we have taken. Being MGTOW is only a tool to gain leverage over the people who have taken our rights so we can take them back. Once the courts favour men again I fully intend on marrying and having children. MGTOW cannot survive in the long run, it is a transitional state like socialism is a transitional state towards communism. You obviously don't care because you want to be a martyr but you style is not a winning long term strategy, you just want to see the world burn. Those Leftist cucks don't have many kids of their own, we need kids to cement our way of life.
    • branddino3 parent reply Surrogates to have kids for now and artificial wombs later o.~ keep spreading MGTOW peeps. LET IT BE KNOW THE GYNOCENTRISM BS and keep bringing guys to the light!
    • Kiruna parent reply I think 4 years from now, men will have more rights. 8 years from now, courts will be favoring men.
  • GeorgeSodini reply BTW, your "buddy" basedmama was in Jeffs chat earlier, and she was not saying too many nice things about you.
  • icuruok reply I WROTE THIS COMMENT, TO ALLANA PRATTS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. THE TITLE OF THE HER VIDEO IS, " 3 THINGS WOMEN WISH MEN DID IN BED" MY RESPONSE, "Ma'am I would like to share a secret with you, about how men think. To us, all you are is a life support system for your cunt! I don't mean to offend you Ma'am, it's just that your weak, inferior, and a burden to society. But because you have a cunt, you make chaos almost bearable"! THE NEXT DAY SHE DISABLED THE COMMENT SECTION! I GUESS THE TRUTH HURTS!
  • vidmeExplorer reply I migrated here from YouTube but this site is not as easy to use or play on my cell. I came to support AngryMGTOW. Hopefully the whole MGTOW community stays united and puts past grievances behind them. Forgiveness of one another is what Jesus instructed. It leads us in the direction of peace.
  • mgtow98 reply Keep it up Angery
  • [ – ] carnelemeat reply Idk how people can support you man. You literally were going to commit federal crimes and have a mans child taken away because he got the better of you in a live stream. You are scum. You aren't a good person.
    • carnelemeat parent reply No ones cares that you're mgtow. This is about you being an absolute scumbag. Irrelevant of you being a mgtow. You're a terrible human being.
    • DarkEternal parent reply Not a Federal crime to report illegal drug use around children. Using illegal drugs around children, on the other hand...
  • [ – ] Dark_Matter79 reply The left only wants freedom for THEIR speech.
    • Kenta_Ikegami parent reply Precisely. They label opposing opinions "hate speech" because they know they ARE (part of) the problem, the source of the hate.
  • Mukra666 reply Run coward.
  • MorganaLeFay reply Also, Bitch you aint mgtow you a psychopath.
  • MorganaLeFay reply 1 You claim to live outside the USA you lying motherfucker. You have no freedom of speech if you live outside the USA. 2 The White supremacist don't limit free speech with violence or inciting violence? Are you shitting me? Bitch do you know what a lynching is? Do you know what happens when you burn a house or church down with people locked inside of it? GTFO 3 You straight called for the murder of women, men and pretty much everyone who disagreed with you. You literally threatened to kill people in the streets with your second amendment rights, another fuck up on your part exposing you fucking lying ass about where you live. Bitch you are a fucking terrorist. You are, and you should be treated as such. 4 You meet your own definitions of not being allowed to speak. Get the fuck off the internet.
  • Insidio reply Psychic Armagedom, no criminal
  • MGTOWArchives reply We had most of your videos archived before you deleted them. So for anyone wanting access to them for the time being you can find most of Angry MGTOWs videos on our deleted videos page of our site. Our bandwidth is limited so please only download the ones you want, they are all MP4 in 360p. We will probably take down the page once he uploads them elsewhere. Depending on how quick to click the link you are they may not all be uploaded yet but should be soon. Enjoy, MGTOW Archives
  • [ – ] Freeblaze reply WGTOW Women going their own way
  • Freeblaze reply Women need to go their own way
  • jp9605 reply Well said Angry. The hypocrisy of the left and feminists is so over the top. They call us racists and misogynists when they are the very hateful fucks they condemn. They can all eat shit and rot in the fucking pit they made for themselves.
  • jp9605 reply This country is becoming so stupid and demented, why bother having a job working for some mangina fuck. Most of these manginas will eat pussy for a promotion. Be self sufficient, gather your resources and GO YOUR OWN WAY!!!
  • DIPROSALIC reply One day people will form their opinions based on logic, and critical thinking. The era of emotional policing will end.
  • branddino3 reply Woohoo go AM welcome back =3. Keep spreading the MGTOW philosophy xD
  • butcherhasbeef reply You know, for men who have chosen to go their own way and disassociate from women you obsess alot about women. How does that work again? :D
  • jesusdacreator reply I can't view your video title "They Don't Really Want Freedom Of Speech - Mgtow".
  • John_Sheppard reply these people want freedom from speech not freedom of speech because they are sensitive snowflake
  • mharrison35 reply check this out for E Q U A L I T Y guys
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