Polar Shift Earth Planet changes

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  • [ – ] Supernatural_Sightings reply They have been saying that there was going to be a Polar shift since back in the early 2000's. I used to look up all this stuff on the internet but it hasn't happened. But there are a lot of weird things happening in the world right now. Birth pangs as it says in the Bible.
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply so the math shows us the key timing, now I can only be off by a year give or take because lets say it starts in December 23 of 2021 and ends August 23 or September 23 2022, the day of the Polar Shift will last all but 12 hours, and our side of the planet will not be in as bad as shape as it was last time, the glacier ice was the key to showing us where it flooded as well as all those other places from our past that remain under water off the coastlines,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply well we all thought it was going to happen sooner, but after having looked into the timing and location, it seems that planet Nibiru was trapped in the suns magnetic pull, and since it was discovered in the 1950s it must be on the vortex timing, so 72 years, you look up majoring flooding at key or midway points and you find 36 another vortex energy number more flooding in 1986, then you see the flood cycle timing or stages, 1998, so for example the worst flooding was 1997 to 1998 the point being the last stages of 36 years goes into 12's, so 1998 was 12 years after the first 36 year cycle and the next 36 year cycle goes into stages of year 12 years, then 2010, and the final stage we are in or the last 12 years of this flood cycle will be 2022, when dealing with space vortex magnetic timing in space you see the pattern of 12, so it makes it simple to predict major flooding to or close to the real date, I have done it before when I predicted the flood cycle for the Philippians on Decembe...morer 5 and I was right on the mark because that would be there flood cycle for that location in the world, every place has its own flood pattern, when you look at the tides from the moons magnetic energy or wobble moon you know there is more magnetic pull, you find energy patterns every 3 months and major ones every 6 months, earth seasons or solstice or earth tilts, the earth naturally tilts 23.5 degrees on a Polar Shift it will tilt another 23.5 degrees more and the Polar Shift in the past shows Israel as a key pivotal point so they had an extra 12 hours of day light, so the full shift takes all but 12 hours, so the magnetic poles flip or charge the new poles over the last 72 years, and the magnetic Poles follow a pattern that follows a straight line in the Polar Shift cycle because the glacier ice lines up, so you take the Himalayas they line up with the remaining ice from Greenland, and now the poles are once again moving towards Russia, now we also know that the woolly mammoths froze in an instant in tidal waves 18,000 years ago, so when you know that the flood cycle is 3,600 and major shifts or flooding every 18,000 years then you know we are about to have another major polar shift,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I had earth changes years before that to correctly predict how it was going and to find the pattern, I was so clear on it that I had predicted to the precise day the flooding in the Philippians it was December 5th when they had floods and I had warned them before hand but no one listened, so oh well, I learned how to read the patterns as well as the moon positioning is another factor, the wobble moons seem to effect us more just like they effect the tides,
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply see my latest video and you will see what I solved, it is very interesting and a Polar Shift is already underway but the real question now is when is the sudden shift date? So solving this was a hard challenge, as for bibles and other historical past history there is at least 10 major deluge flood stories, please see my newest video on this because it was very interesting, so we could have a major sudden shift or a minor one, but we are having one
    • Star_Wars6collector parent reply I know how to make New Earth Planets and I am up loading that video right now
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