Trump's First Hundred Days

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  • [ – ] 1Source reply I'll take you up on that. Thanks
    • theunhivedmind parent reply I'm sure you'll enjoy the video as it's most useful and for those in Britain it's very important they make themselves aware of the British Constitutional Group fighting for freedom.
  • [ – ] 1Source reply If Trump goes after the Fed in the first 100 days he won't live 100 days, JFK did it and look what happened to him. Maybe he should put this one on the end of his list so he can get some good done before they kill him.
    • [ – ] theunhivedmind parent reply NO! Donald Trump must immediately ringfence the American economy by installing Glass Steagall then he should start to issue National Credit whilst telling Wall St and TheFed to go back to redcoat Britain and stay there. You cannot get anywhere with the mess until you address what I've said, the economy is about to totally pop so FIX IT and remove the Zionist debt with immediate effect. I'm sure Trump has some excellent protection and if it's true he's using up to twelve private contractor firms then he'll be okay. I said for months he should use outside protection and never rely on the Secret Service who were instrumental in the Permanent Industrial Exposition murder of John F. Kennedy by FBI Division Five. If it's true that Trump is utilizing Russian GRU (who knows?!?) then he'll definitely be just fine.
      • [ – ] 1Source parent reply I hope you're right! But I'm of the opinion the only way to fix the mess we're in, is for the Fiat monetary system to totally collapse and move back to a Gold backed monetary system. The Chinese are moving that direction and also want to make the yuan The reserve currency for the world. We know they are stockpiling huge amounts of gold. Of course if this happens the US and the elitist that run the country will consider it an act of war, I'm sure!
        • theunhivedmind parent reply I suggest you go through my videos and look up The Lawful Bank by Roger Hayes and listen very carefully to the content. You'll hear about the pitfalls of a gold backed currency compared to a credit system. It'll open up your eyes like it did with I since I was also all for a gold only standard but it's not that simply. The problem we have isn't about fiat currency its about debt and so if we do things fair with CREDIT then we can do well and reset when needed.
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