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Manly Man - Rambo

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April 4 2017

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Join the Manly Army! Enjoy and thanks for watching! The Manly Legend. Once upon a time, when the time was irrelevant and the only thing relevant was the massive beard. The Manly Man was born. After all these years nobody really remembers how it happend. Did mother nature brought him to life in the midle of nowhere? In the wild forests of north? Did mortal woman gave him life and then died? Is he the only perfectum mobile and gave life himself? Is he a gift or should we be scared of him? Only thing is for sure, the Manly Man is real, and he’s here. He’s here to fight. Against womanlynes, against people who are not brave enought, against non-alcoholic drinks and against vegetable. He knows how to kill a bear with a single stare, But who he really is? According to urban dictionary The Manly Man is: „A man who is comfortable in his own skin, but doesn't use skin care products. Someone who drives a vehicle with "muscle" But knows where to draw the line. A man who loves women, but not all at the same time.. Protective but not overly aggresive. Prefers big dogs over cats. Masculine sans machismo. Heterosexual, period, Soap? Irish Spring, of course.'' But our Manly Man is a little bit different. In every man, there’s a child. But this child has a magnifique beard, big muscles, and excessive fondness for video games. And he came here, from the wild forests of north to teach you. Now he’s your master and you are his apprentices. So listen carefully because he is about to reveal you the great secrets of the universe. The most hardcore and manly games of all times. Strong weapons, undefeated bad guys, invincible heroes, male idols, blood, sweat, vulgarisms, death, limited continues, no checkpoints, pain, master swords, brave knights, beautiful girls in trouble, bloody steaks and infinte ammo… He will show you all of this and maybe even a little bit more. He will teach you how to master these games, not how to win them but how to completelly destroy them. So sit back and enjoy this amazing manly ride. Watch at your own risk. Warning! Please pay attention. The Manly legend same as the Manly man character are both just a joke. So if you feel somehow personally affected by those things, please keep in mind that they were said just for fun. Because we love to entertain people. And if you have a sense that this is somehow disrespectful against women, than believe it or not, this was written by one. Just stop for a minute, there is no need to take everything personally and enjoy our work. Credits for intro song belongs to: the ending music: If you wanna contribute for more videos: or: Facebook: Instagram:

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