A Critical Analysis: "The Vidme Rant"

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  • [ – ] TaraBabcock reply This is great! Not because I'm assuming you are "sticking up for me" like some of the dissenters might be saying in the comments, but because it's so objective. He is not the sole arbiter of what's morally sound, or creatively robust. If you added, "I personally don't like her content, however" I would have upvoted and contributed all the same. It's fine to dislike me, it's not rational to proclaim everyone else should, or does, follow suit.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Actually something to put people with less than a set amount of followers in the spotlight like a tab for smaller creators is a good idea. Right now that could be less than a hundred followers but will slide up as vidme gets bigger. Honestly I spend a lot more time on people I follow and categories I like than the Hot page or the Picks page. I prefer being able to get to content I like without having to sort through a bunch of stuff I don't which is why I take that approach. There's arguments to be had on both sides of this particular issue that are valid but I hope we can glean a solution from the discussion instead of taking sides.
    • Eheroduelist parent reply I definitely wanted to acknowledge that in the video, because as a small creator myself I completely understand wanting more attention. What I DON'T agree with is tearing down other content creators to do it. Especially if the person trying to speak on behalf of the vidme community and society on the whole is condemning the vidme staff for picking their favorite videos for a page dedicated to their favorite videos. That's just dumb.
    • JustABloke parent reply I agree but it doesn't give him the right to attack a person/channel. He could've put his point across easily and respectfully like a normal adult would.
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply Good video. You pointed out that he's an idiot, because he is an idiot.
  • BrokenWrd reply Thank you. The "Vidme Rant" sounded amazingly like the guy who used to live in our alley and talked to himself. DJCring3 needs to chill.
  • [ – ] Hoploo reply The sad thing is, people are still going to treat his video like it is the arbiter of logic and reason, When in reality, it is almost the furthest you can get from that.
    • Eheroduelist parent reply Of course. Some people are persuaded and once they're in their foothold it's hard to sway them from it. I didn't make this video with the explicit intent of changing his mind; I intended to voice dissent against the narrative he was trying to establish and try to provide what I thought was a solid argument as to why I hold the opinions I do. If I can persuade one person through my argumentation and my arguments hold out against attempts at rebuttal, I'm satisfied in the end. Definitely wasn't expecting this much support, especially from Tara herself, but hey I'm not one to turn it down lmao
  • [ – ] DjMu3L reply Hmmm I wanna say something like... Overreaction... Ummmmm Hilarious.... Something about Clickbait maybe? Ah the words fail me. Good job on hiding behind a shadow while you aimlessly try to defend someone who doesn't even know you exist. i'm sure she's thinking about you right now while she's rolling around in all that Vidme-er-I mean YouTube money.
    • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply I'm not defending her, I'm attacking your flawed arguments because it sets a precedent I don't think represents the best interests of both the vidme community at large and the Internet as a whole. I don't care who Tara is, and I don't care if she gives a rat's ass who I am. Attacking my anonymity proves you have little more to your argument than your petty, pathetic emotions. I'd be more annoyed if it wasn't so sad to watch.
      • TaraBabcock parent reply It's funny how he assumes I'm the type of person who would ignore the existence of smaller content creators or followers. Everything is just assumptions and a very narrow personal perspective.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply It is totally the parent thing!!!!! Thank you @Eheroduelist
  • [ – ] Androo_NR_Gaming reply This was beyond spot on. I need to applaud you at least eight thousand times. The people that have a problem with "Boobie-tubers" are the same ones that apparently don't want to work hard enough to be on the Hot tab, or whatever. Use the energy you're using bashing those people and use it towards something good! I did a video similar to this without mentioning names, but it's like, you can use the energy to get something circulating in the Vidme community that doesn't involve being whiney, misguided or degrading someone for making the videos they want to make. Vidme belongs to literally no one and the fact that DidYouKnowGaming is in the tabs? Wahhh wahhh wahhh. They're great people and they're successful people. The same ones that talk about ideas instead of about people, I'm sure.
    • [ – ] Androo_NR_Gaming parent reply Adding on to my comment, the parenting thing is a tired argument. As a parent myself, if you're not monitoring your child's activity on the internet and bank information is that easy to put in, go to the "dark places" of the web, you failed as a parent. Like, give me a break. There's no way in hell my child would be able to access those sites and it's better to educate them on what can happen. It's common sense, parenting 101, the list goes on.
      • Eheroduelist parent reply If a 12 year old can sneak a new debit card, sign onto patreon, with your money, and secretly access to Tara's more explicit content, but doesn't know to search for Pornhub is an interesting proposition. I don't know if I'd call that kid a genius or a moron.
  • ArbiterAbaddon reply Dude, DickHeadMu3l is an idiot. He just bitches because he doesn't have Vid.me Affirmative Action. This dude wants to be placed on top of everything just because he wants it. On top of that he wants to sensor everybody he doesn't like. He is the SJW cunt (probably a femanist) that gets offended by everything and everyone that doesn't agree with him. Fuck that guy. He's a dumb cunt. He also is a hypocritical asshole that, as you said, doesn't realize that you can GOOGLE porn, PornHub, and all kinds of shit. He's an idiot.
  • MysticSword reply Well said and I agree with what you say in this vid.
  • [ – ] ThatMagnetMan reply Great video mate!
  • [ – ] truckmyad reply What exactly is he criticizing? He has been approved for tips, unlike the rest of us.
    • Eheroduelist parent reply That content creators he doesn't want being promoted are being promoted, either because he thinks they're trash or too popular
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Damnnnn!!! You don't play about. Guess you will be coming for me when I drop my video soon haha. I enjoyed the guys video. I thought it was funny when he said what is did you know gaming doing there. But i was thinking his argument is pretty flawed bar some good points. The issue with agreeing with the response video to a rant video etc is people think you are hypocritical so i don't wanna come across that way lol so i hope you understand me. The bigger YouTubers have their place on this platform. I will always stand by Tara's right to express her self along with Thuleun etc.. Everyone. I won't (don't have to) support what they express though. That is my choice. And a lot of people get confused by that. But it makes sense like with the freedom of speech argument you will here from any rational person lol.
    • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply Never said he, or you, can't disagree with Tara or think her content is shit What I did say was that it isn't a good precedent to set to forcibly remove or hide content based on subjective standards of "artistic deficiency" As long as you're intellectually honest I won't be mean in my responses; only reason I was lenient here was the nature of the video being a rant and more emotionally based than logically.
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply I agree that it's not a good precedent to censor, as to say. But i think continuing to focus on the smaller creators first is a great idea and vidme have as of late has seemingly lost focus of what originally made thousands and thousands of small creator's come here seeking a fresh start. Nah I'm not actually worried about a response video because you should be willing to stand by your opinion regardless. I was kidding about that. And I'm glad muel has stood by his opinion because where i feel he made a lot of flawed points (probably due to it being an off the cuff rant) he made a lot of great points felt by a lot of creators... Not you obviously but a lot of creators agree with him and feel his frustration. So it was great for them to finally have a voice even if it did need a bit of work. Hopefully vidme listened and will actually focus on channels under 100 even under 50 follower.
        • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply It's okay to be jealous, it's why I tried to be lenient in the response video itself; given it was a rant. But that's not what I want vidme to make structural decisions based on. It's a scary precedent to establish. Nothing against you personally lol
          • [ – ] Rawman parent reply i don't feel like you have something against me personally don't worry. personally i encourage people to breakdown peoples arguments. its the whole point to discussions and great debates. i also don't want vidme to make changes to its algorithm based on this rant or penalize a channel for its size because it will scare away potential big YTers with huge audience which could also trickle down to us...but sometimes the best way to start the discussion is to express rage and bring your frustration to light. also you shouldn't be lenient, i think if someones argument has no ground it should be torn apart. no need to hold your self back. mu3l can deal with it. you may have noticed how they give immediate responses to videos in trending that are upset about a situation lol. when the community upvote these videos and interact with them to get to the top of trending. its a perfect example of the people saying this is our voice, this is our message, it might not be perfect but this is what we w...moreanna say. so regardless of how flawed mu3ls argument was (i believe most of it was entertainment). he was not alone in feeling that way. he could have said it better yes but no one is perfect... sorry i talk a lot i hope you don't mind.
            • [ – ] Eheroduelist parent reply Not at all. You're certainly more civil than Muel is being.
              • Eheroduelist parent reply And it's not necessarily that I'm holding myself back to spare Muel's feelings, it's that I don't feel that my initial reaction (which I left in a comment on his channel) was a fair and thorough evaluation of his arguments. It's less that I give a shit about Muel (what little I did care has been squandered on the sour attitude he has displayed towards me) as much as I wish to maintain a sense of balance and fairness.
              • Rawman parent reply Sorry i didn't see the other comments i was replying directly lol. Regardless of channel size we should all be in the same side so fighting on this topic ultimately hurts us all hahaha.
      • [ – ] DjMu3L parent reply Nor did I ever, at any point in my video, say that her content should be removed or censored.
  • [ – ] truckmyad reply At least he can be tipped. Why can't any user have that if applying for it? I wanted to tip Joy Villa and could not. It was very disappointing.
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