My Username Origin (MegaMechOne)

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  • Cellblock776 reply Cool. I created mine years ago when I needed a Yahoo account name. I was working at a State Prison so I tried Cellblock but it was taken. The prison is located in St Gabriel which is in the zip code of 70776. So I added the 776 to the back of Cellblock and that's what I've been using on Yahoo, YouTube, on several forums and just about anywhere needing a screen name. Upvote for MegaMechOne from a old MechWarrior when we had to roll dice and move cardboard pieces around a board because we did have these new fangled video games. (best old man voice) - "You kids now a days with your game controllers and your VR head sets. Back in my day we had to write up character sheets and roll dice. And we liked it. Back in my day...hey...Get Off My Lawn!!!" :)
  • MarzieMalfoy reply I always love to hear about other people's stories about their usernames.
  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply It is always so hard to get the online name u want.... the first 10000000000000000000 names I wanted on youtube were taken and I got stuck with 'sqiddypiddy' because my nephew typed it in and said 'I found you one' and hit the enter key...... so.... I had better luck on vidme :)
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