Liberal Plantation Politics - Sharia Law and the Future of Texas! ( islam)

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  • klr-dude reply the fact that they are pissed off about it is evidence that they had in mind to create sharia law , which is incompatible with western values and laws. so ,......f- off !
  • [ – ] americanpatriot reply We live in dangerous times - Ethnic bio weapons
    • americanpatriot parent reply I have Muslim friends who want nothing to do with all the Radicalization but they are afraid to speak out! So they tolerate what is happening! Sadly!
  • [ – ] fancyfig reply muslims make up 1% of the us population. those who are refugees will gladly go home once they have a home to go to. this has nothing to do with jihad or any kind of liberal conspiracy. native americans are 2% of the us population, they have states within states, and countless laws and privileges unique to them, and some of them even show up to vote. so tell me how native americans have undermined the constitution and are an existential threat to our freedom.
    • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply Its under Shariah law that Muslims are obligated to perform genital mutilation to young women... check out the latest case from the Justice department!
      • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply fgm is a good example of how sharia law comes to adopt the pre-existing traditions of an area, in this case north africa. fgm is not on the rise anywhere where the government doesn't shut it down immediately and it's declining and being declared un-islamic in the places where it's historically been integrated into sharia law.
    • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply what does Shariah a Political component of Islam has do to with Native Americans? Shariah Law is mandatory in every culture that Islam inhabits... it would seem to me that there a limited understanding of Islam and how Shariah is implemented. There I cant help you, you have to do your own research!
      • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply you'd be mistaken. sharia law, like any other tradition, changes and adapts with time and location, and you'll find that the most brutal and oppressive forms of it are put in place by the most brutal and oppressive governments. it's not so much a concrete set of laws as much as the idea that islamic scholars should be the ones making the laws. it's not great, separated church and state is a much better idea, so then how does it get past the mobs of secularists, the mobs of christians, the mobs of feminists, and the mobs of nativists and get imposed upon a 99% non islamic population?
        • wolfalexzemla parent reply sharia law has not changed or adapted in 1400 years
        • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply Shariah changes for no one! It has not changed for 1400 years and never will because its a political ideology like Fascism or Marxism!
          • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply that isn't true at all. sharia law varies hugely between countries and sects of islam, slavery was tolerated for a very long time, now muslims reject that interpretation. sharia is based off of the hadith, and unlike the qoran which is taken as the literal and unquestionable word of god, the hadith is continually debated and reconsidered and its authors are considered fallible.
            • [ – ] americanpatriot parent reply Either Islam goes thru a reformation like Judaism and Christianity has done! Or The world full of bio weapons and nukes wont be easy to handle! Never underestimate the West!
              • fancyfig parent reply the reformation isn't the best example for the future, protestants were pursuing more extreme forms of cristianity which lead to the witch burnings among other things. ironically wahabism, the very recent and unpopular form of islam that terrorists promote has been compared to the protestant reformation for that reason. and the cause of the fast pace of western advancement has allot to do with the renascence which was built on a foundation of islamic science, math, and scholarship.
            • wolfalexzemla parent reply how about throw out half the koran then you can make some comments that are not backwards and barbaric
  • BockChoy reply If it's so disgraceful why not go back from where they all came from? These issue never happened before they gracefully all showed up in huge numbers, and what ballot box? Who is going to vote for this? A while back we had the same issue in Ontario it was the Muslims women that rejected it...
  • [ – ] americanpatriot reply FYI there are no refugees! How a 20+ man from Kazakstan is a refugee?
    • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply there are wars, there are oppressive governments, people become involuntarily displaced during times of war and oppression, that means there are refugees.
      • americanpatriot parent reply you have lost the argument Islam has been on the march of war for 1400 years -
      • [ – ] wolfalexzemla parent reply dont forget stupid oppressive ideologies making war and refugees
        • [ – ] fancyfig parent reply those are wars that your government likely participates in. it doesn't do that out of ideology, it does it sometimes for noble, often for corrupt selfish reasons. why would we expect the middle-east to work any differently.
          • wolfalexzemla parent reply western gov are not spreading a filthy religion to the middle east and not to the whole world. the middle east works differently because a 1400 yo book tells them what to do and they are inbread low iq idiots who cant do independent thinking
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