Volunteering and a Trip to the Zoo

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Ah, you volunteered at the run, but you didn't run the run. Got it. So far I have volunteered mostly money or items for charities but not my time as I have trouble in social situations. I see that changing as I grow less awkward socially. Zoo's are fun! The animals are cool though you are right about it being sad that they are caged. Thanks for sharing your zoo trip with us!
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Oh yeah, I guess I wasn't very clear in my explanation. I would love to enter a race/run but I need to train a lot more first. I think that is great. You're helping people which is what matters. You are definitely a very kind person :) From what I have seen, not many people would be willing to help others by donating objects or money. I still see that as volunteering because you are still helping others. You have to work for it. It takes a lot of kindness to give. I like the zoo it just isn't a place I would frequent.
  • [ – ] DrCut reply Be Careful there is a Minion behind you!! ^^
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply 2XL please, pfft all those calling out for womens medium shirts must be vegan hobbits. Without volunteers most events would struggle, kudo's to you both. I find a lot of people would like to volunteer but are too shy to come forward. Not sure about Zoos I find them boring hehe, nice shot of zoo animals. Your vlogs are evolving, have you noticed ? Flowing really smoothly, so on that thought, I went straight to your "Dear Kansas" video https://vid.me/2b6t, you hate Kansas LoL. I would love to hear your thoughts on your progress to this point.
    • JessicaMartwin parent reply Yeah, they were low on volunteers too. It was really nice to help out. I really want to try a run now. Most of the people were so nice and looked like they were having so much fun. I would love to be a part of that. That is a good point about being shy. If my sister hadn't of suggested it I would have never volunteered there. It was a very social event and I am pretty shy. I have been getting better though. I find zoos boring, for the most part, too. We only went because we got free admission for helping out. I would much rather see animals in their natural habitat. Oh, they really are. I can vlog about my progress. That is a great idea :D Thanks!
  • [ – ] GunDoctorTV reply Seems like every time I go to the zoo I get thoroughly sunburnt.
  • [ – ] dalestark05 reply great video the zoo look like it was fun glad you had a great time
  • [ – ] SurfersSelfies reply sweet video :) love it
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