Artificial Intelligence & PC Master Race (News) - Breakfast Broadcast Vodcast

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  • CXDaemonMedia reply Ill post links soonish
  • CXDaemonMedia reply I make so many fuckups. I've got along way to go but I plan to practice as I go and get bester than myself. Meor!
  • [ – ] KJeeMusic reply Nice vid dude. Personally, i really don't like the thought of AI controlled by rules made up by the current governments of the world. It's THEY who need to change. Living in the UK, thinking of the rules being made by the EU make me go... Nnnnggggghh! (And i've researched them) Obviously, i love your thoughts on music and agree :)
    • [ – ] CXDaemonMedia parent reply I <3 your music. I listened to a couple hours of it yesterday. And I like that you've started making more interesting backdrops for your songs. There are very few rules presently that deal with how autonomous bots need to behave. In Canada we now have blanket drone laws. And little will stop individuals from breaking these laws. And bot hacking will be a huge issue. Especially sleeper programs that have global infection rates. More vids to come trust me.
      • KJeeMusic parent reply Thanks for your kind words and glad you like my experiments with my videos :). Look forward to your next videos
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