The Fire Rises: Western Capitulation / Eastern Europe on the Brink

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  • SC87Returns reply Keep up the good work Black Pigeon, cannot wait for 2nd and 3rd part :)
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Dr. Bill Warner compiles historic evidence/ battles and presents it in a time line of events, to produce a summary with one conclusion, Jihad is real problem in the past and current events prove that Jihad is still a problem in the 21ST Century. Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner on I hope someone has the vision and resources to add other wars to the work of Dr. Bill Warner. To further enlarge the picture and show just how big a problem ISLAM Jihad has murdered it's way around the world. It would be effective to have some images and clips to help people understand and remember the various battles. When transitioning from European Battles against ISLAM to Asian battles against ISLAM inserting an image Cultural Clothing of the soldiers and a short clip pointing out a geographical location to enhance understanding. When presenting the River WARS Memorable quotes from Winston Church Hill on ISLAM, would help the watcher ...moreunderstand his experiences of the barbarity of ISLAMIC Conquest. When presenting the Barbary WARS some images of the Wooden ships to show the transition of time as well as a map of the geographical area and pictures of the terrain will help people anchor the battles to images, or a transition to the land battle. Inserting the Marines' Hymn (The Halls of Montezuma will tie this presentation to current day traditions, giving the watcher the realization that this isn't just another Hollywood production but real history and a life lesson to take to heart. The Chinese fought many battles against ISLAMIC conquest in the past also. Gangus Kong 175,000,000 murdered when ISLAM invaded INDIA, MILLIONS murdered when ISLAM invaded INDIA, The battle of Vienna 9,11 1683 is when the ISLAMIC INVASION that murdered, raped Muslim invasion stopped at (Gates of Vienna 1683) BARBARY WARS when the USA had to fight ISLAM, they took Americans hostage. The Armenian genocide where the victims of the ISLAMIC conquest were displayed like trophy' What happened to Christian Lebanon? on,
  • ClimatePonziLie reply "Germany can no longer rely on allies" Is Merkel trying to send ISLAMIC Refugees to Mexico, they won't say in Mexico Build the wall Angela Merkel visit in Mexico. Mexican President Enrique Nieto, German Chancellor Angela Merkel 6-3-2017 More Honour Killings in Germany
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Tommy Robinson: UK gov't housing radical jihadists on your streets This is Sharia Law & How they punish gays Terrorism is under reported, because killing women in Islam is not terrorism Islam IS NOT the culture for feminism and the LGBT ( Graphic ) Pamela Geller: Trudeau a "tool of the leftist Islamic alliance"
  • ClimatePonziLie reply ‘I want border police!’ Polish border town tightens security to keep refugees away Antifa Protests Don't Work In Poland londoner's chant trump's name,sadiq khan wants to ban him Poland takes on Islam and the EU, No terror attacks ever, winning in every sense of the word Poland 30,000 People shouting Fuck Islam on the streets
  • TiberiusDuraga reply Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary: The Triple Alliance of the 21st Century
  • Rando91 reply Screw Merkel's fourth reich.
  • KaTiKa reply The majority in Hungary still remember the socialist regime and things like political correctness, fake reality presented as truth is vivid in in people's memory. We developed a scent for lies and hidden agendas. Besides, our freedom has been under threat for many centuries - we shall never give up. Election next year, please keep your eyes peeled for the Soros-funded youngsters, they are getting pushy and very nasty. We need your solidarity guys.... thank you Poland, Czech Republic...please do not let us down Slovakia!
  • VirgilSeimoor reply "Humanitarian superpower" aka Cucklandia. When your male population is more involved building the lives of foreigners then their own, (And feminist women don't build a thing)
  • mistrx reply I know the situation in Czech Republic very well - let me explain: it is the most atheistic country in Europe they like dogs, drink a lot of beer, young smoke marihuana more than Dutch, so why should such liberal country and yet relatively free welcome totalitarian backward ideology of Islam? Moreover, Czechs never colonised or occupied other countries (hence didn't gain huge wealth as the West) so no guilt in not taking Islamist. Furthermore Czechs lived through 40years of communist totality hence see what is happening in Europe - no free speech, propaganda (which is also rampant in the state TV) -people fearing to speak freely not to lose job (Sweden, anyone?) - Czechs lived that through already, buy West just doesn't have that experience so acts so stupidly.These are just few reasons..
  • fradd reply You can not sustain a nation without certain level of nationalism. Communism, internationalism and globalism inevitably destroy nations. That does not mean that nation will be replaced by their multi-cultural fairy tail, it will be simply replaced by other nation which did not lose its national self.
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