SUPERMAN? Bus Crashes into Man Who Then Gets Up And WALKS into Pub

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  • [ – ] Gh0stie reply a bus hit me damn, a nice cold beer would be nice right about now he just walks it off like: yea, this happens every day
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply He seemed to more or less go limp. I have heard many times that flexing your muscles and getting tense tends to result in more damage than relaxing your body at impact. I guess the theory is that the muscles when flexed are more solid, where as if you are not flexed the muscles are softer and more cushion like. Either way, its pretty crazy you just get up and walk away after that!
  • [ – ] SamEarl13 reply Definitely an interesting story that guy can tell people, even if its by insane luck to be able to say you got hit by a bus and it didn't do much is awesome. I was taught as a kid that you'd just get crushed if one hits you.
  • SeanShadowBlood reply That dude is really lucky, I would've gotten a lottery ticket in his place because luck is clearly on his side, though it's true, the hit was not that dangerous, at least, not more dangerous than if he had been pulled below the bus, nobody would survive a beating like that imo. I don't really believe in aliens or anything like that but gotta admit... reasonable cause in this case lol
  • Rawman reply He's probably thought "saved me having to walk 20ft and didn't even have to pay for a bus fare" haha.
  • WebNoob reply Man of steel ? More like balls of steel
  • My_Weird_World reply But he broke the windshield with his head 🤔
  • GaryTurbo reply When you dress like Stone Cold Steve Austin, you tend to become tough
  • AxxL_Afriku reply John Cena would've thrown the bus away
  • ThingsNStuff reply That guys is a terminator not an alien.
  • Iannis_Hour reply I saw it on the tweeter when u uploaded it
  • JaysTechTv reply these are nice effects xD
  • basic_goku reply Im actually looking for twerk videos.
  • HandMadeByHolly reply just ignore the fact that it's his HEAD that broke the windshield!
  • ZTV_Productions reply That was a man on a mission. Beer was going to happen, and he wasn't about to let a little thing like a bus ruin that. Glad he's okay, though. Most people don't survive a thing like that.
  • blindfire reply Beer provides some strong motivation. If you think about it, letting a bus mess with your pub trip might be considered alcohol abuse, because if he had let the bus stop him the beer would have gone to waste.
  • Sheriff51 reply Yes, relaxed people can absorb more energy
  • yuiopads reply Ayy Lmao confirmed.
  • NickOfTime reply Let's see....he walked into a pub.....does he have a towel?! #aliens
  • CollabCentre reply What a lucky man ... Or he is just an alien, O.O
  • lordcooler reply its the way the bus is made it has 100 different safety features on the front of the bus so when this happens the person does not get injured very badly. cars are now made this way too.
  • Aaronshy reply Gosh dang that guy coulda been killed! Good thing he wasn't.
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Purple turtle lol!
  • ELBADGAMER reply hi is krilin :V
  • MosleyBoxing reply Wow!! This is CRAZY! Dude just got right up. Well, he went to the right place! I'd need a Drink 🥃 after that - no check that - I'd need MANY drinks!
  • Dantoshou reply It's just how all British people react to being hit by vehicles!
  • WeirdestNews reply Aliens influence On Mankind
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