Take me to church - Hozier (Cover)

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  • katburns reply Nice work! Just poking around Vidme and found ya :)
  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Take you to the dutch? For what? Smoke weed?
    • [ – ] NicChiappetta parent reply Take you to the Dutch? Sorry I don't get the joke lol
      • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply It's about moving people out a so called situation... it's the same as making people addicted to drugs... promising a safe haven! It's separatism religion... It's like cutting a pie in half and in half again! Until the fact that we are good folks is totally divided into our very own concept of what's good and what not... the more you cut the pie the more is not you anymore.
  • [ – ] elizabethjames reply :O Your voice is AMAZING!!! Really enjoyed the intro because this is my first encounter with one of your videos. Your humility is super refreshing! And so cool to hear that your voice is so awesome, after meeting you in the beginning. Keep it up, Nic!
  • NicChiappetta reply Cheers Duffy!!! :)! Glad you liked it! Especially since this was forced by my nonna ha
  • duffy reply great rendition nic!
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