Ancient Binary Conlang Base 5

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Cool vid! Would Base 2 then, be more of the eye instead of the hand? Making it easier to count in Binary?
    • Naturenerd1000 parent reply Good idea. I guess maybe an eye shape 2 curves together could be base 2 with 2 curved lines together to make an eye shape. The Ancient Binary conlang number system has a basic structure of a horizontal flat line as zero and a vertical blank line for vertical systems if you choose. Then there is a basic structure of placements you add up. Horizontal systems like Base 20 have odds 1,3,5 on the bottom and evens 2, 4,6 on the top. 7 for example would have a line drawn in the 6 place and 1's place. Vertical systems like base 12 alternate in a left to right pattern. Left 1,3,5 Right 2,4,6 I have made a video demonstrating that each one of these placement lines could be doubled to make 1,2,4,8,16,32 creating a base 64 system. It's kind of a hybrid base 2 binary system. This can also be limited to make base 60 or the ancient Babylonian counting system. Base 64 is impracticable, but it's a playground for Math Mathematicians to experi...morement what is possible in any base number system base 1-64. The History of Ancient Binary Conlang Alternative Number System Ancient Binary Conlang Ep 4 | Base 64 Number System | Base 60 Babylonian
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