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  • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx reply Darwin award. Why didnt they test it first to see if the bullet went through the book or not? As for me though, even if it tested out ok i wouldnt have agreed to the stunt.
  • BlackbirdFrost reply It's a pretty sad story and...VERY very stupid on both their parts! Why would you think a book would stop a 50cal bullet!? Why would you NOT test it safely first if you were unsure!?!? I don't think she deserves to be sent to jail for this considering it was done entirely with his consent and was as much his idea as hers. Besides that, what would throwing her in jail accomplish that losing her boyfriend hasn't already? It'll just leave one child being motherless and the other being born behind bars. There's no point to putting her away. On a less gloomy note, I really want that PacMan shirt!
  • dadsperiment reply I was very saddened by this. Some people get to a point where they can't separate reality from social media life anymore. Go out. Live life. Have fun. Don't live life for the sake of getting online approvals. So tragic.
  • The_Mancave reply And the baby will be born in jail! Wow that sucks. "Mommy what happened to my Dad?" "I shot a killed him honey, before we stayed together long enough to hate him! " 😲
  • The_Mancave reply Insane! 50 caliber is to much, why couldn't they use a 22caliber and put a metal plate in it. Damn. What a waste of a life. Rip 😇
  • Alkaios reply If this shit wasn't deliberate, I'm the fuckin pope.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply Almost as stupid as I am ugly
  • LYSERGICWORLD reply That has got to be one of the stupidest stunts I've ever heard...this is Darwinism thinning the herd.
  • arrghgarry reply not the first youtuber to die and wont be the last ,and now his GF might be jailed for complying with the BFs wishes
  • sarah reply it's honestly so tragic and could've so easily been prevented. :/
  • BURT_PANZER reply The military uses them because they go through walls, cars, trucks, half inch steel, and she thinks a book will stop the bullet. Has she seen the bullet? Nobody is that stupid....
  • sapphiredskye reply They did test it. He shot a book on the floor. Its on tape he asked her repeatedly to do it. She should get a minimum sentence. Like involuntary manslaughter. 2 years in prison. They have 1 kid and she's pregnant. The kids are really gonna suffer. This is so stupid and sad...
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