Connor Rogers Stand Up @ Baron's Grill | 4/11/2017

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  • [ – ] Timberwolf reply I take it that was your first time doing standup comedy?
    • [ – ] edt49er parent reply my fourth time, but my first in over a year
      • [ – ] Timberwolf parent reply I was on stage once doing comedy, they told me that I could not use curse words in my act, needless to say I was not as funny as I should have been.
        • [ – ] edt49er parent reply where were you that they said not to curse? never heard of a stand up event having that rule. I also didn't practice at all and just pulled it out of my ass
          • [ – ] Timberwolf parent reply It was open mic night at a local coffee shop and they were afraid that curse words would offend someone, so I did the best I could, I did get it on video and I have it up on YouTube.
            • edt49er parent reply It's comedy, when you worry about offending people, that's when the jokes end because it really can't be funny because you're too nervous. It's a hit or mess whenever, but add that extra effect, and it throws everything off
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