Top 5 Weird AF Childhood Games (Vidme Community Project)

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  • [ – ] sarah reply the last game's alien thing with the big elf ears sorta freaks me out LOL he looks so creepy!
  • [ – ] MariaTheGerman reply @ChaoticGaming @IAmCKtv @DookisWatching @AJPatz @EchoWaltz your turn peeps!! And anyone else of course feel free to share!!! :)
  • [ – ] SalBerry reply I am so riding that nostalgia train with theme park world that game was my life! and yes....they threw up everywhere!! I played doom when I was little for a bit but it scared me so I mostly just watched my dad play it XD <3
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply They couldn't handle the amazing rollercoaster we made!! Damn them!! Haha I got really scared and I don't think I was any good!! XD it was an experience that Stuck with me though haha thanks for starting this! :)
  • [ – ] tomtil reply Awesome video Maria! Everyone needs to play the original Doom. Just so good! :)
  • [ – ] DookisWatching reply Ok...i see you with that DOOM....bitch XD Yeah you're pretty damn weird, never heard of any of these games ^_^ won't be any more weirder than mine though. thanks for the tag <3 I'll get right on it
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Oh geez, i remember playing some of these games! thanks for reminding me. I feel nostalgic now :)
  • [ – ] GreenCobrasGaming reply Two words: Sneak King.
  • [ – ] GamerRaf reply OMG Kwirk! I remember I played that game before (don't know where) but I was too young to understand what the heck was going on lol. I had never heard of Addy before. Great list btw
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply hahaha Addy is just bizarre but I loved it and Kwirk yeah I probably never understood that myself!!! What are yours?
      • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply Let me think about this one... 1. Pajama Sam - It was a bit like Addy but he was a blue alien thing in pajamas. It was about learning too. 2. Some magic carpet game that came with our Windows 95 PC- I couldn't figure out what to do so I kept going in circles in the desert. 3. Yo! Noid- it was a creepy looking dude in a bunny suit that fights with a yo-yo. It was weird af but it was fun lol 4. Mr. Mosquito- this is not that old but it was weird. You are a mosquito trying to suck peoples blood while the try to smash you. Super random. 5. Barbie... lol- My sister rented this game and I don't know how I ended up playing it XD I couldn't even beat the first level because I got stuck hahaha. The game was so happy and colorful that it was painful to play. Those are the ones that come to ming right now.
        • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply Omg I do know the mosquito one!!! Soo bizarre hahaha Yo! Noid sounds super super weird xD who thinks of stuff like that??? Haha barbie gotta love it!! I didn't know she had a game!!!!! Why did no one tell me when I was a kid!!!
  • [ – ] iTone reply great vid. i'll be doing this soon. just gotta remember 5 weird games I've played
  • [ – ] lonnard3 reply Hey pretty lady ☺️love ur channel! Keep this crazy shit up for as long as you can!!! Hit me back sometime 😉❤
  • [ – ] Babsi reply I like Kwirk.
  • [ – ] IzzyK1998 reply These all look like so much fun haha xxx
  • [ – ] IAmCKtv reply Challenge accepted...but first, that little alien dude teaching you things!? I'd be WAY too freaked out!
    • MariaTheGerman parent reply hahaha I am so happy you have accepted this!! listen that alien dude he was my friend...we were buddies...he taught me things... made me super intelligent hahaha xD
  • [ – ] Canadian_Consumer reply DOOM all the way! Also, would it be frowned upon if I did a weird af games video without being tagged? lol. I'm new to the community on VidMe. Seems like a pretty cool place!
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply please it would most certainly not be frowned upon!! Go ahead and get involved we can't wait to see your weird af childhood games!! :) and yes it is a pretty awesome place here I like the positive vibes :)
  • [ – ] Pot-Thoughts reply I'm guessing "Truth or Dare" and "spin the bottle" aren't on this list.
  • [ – ] TheTravelingClatt reply Hi there! Fantastic channel! Excited to see some more of your videos!
  • [ – ] PrettyKoolCat reply Many of the games were before I was playing but I agree they were weird. :-)
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply hahaha they were a bit strange but then again I couldn't play many games back then! a lot more would be on the list now! what are yours??
      • [ – ] PrettyKoolCat parent reply Since you can now preview games before you play them I try to avoid the crazy ones, BUT there was one Indie game called "Tribe" that I was asked to play for my channel. I started the game and was like WHOA! I couldn't play it even though I tried it was just way to weird. :-)
  • [ – ] ds_vglevelxwriter reply Lulz nice selection.
  • [ – ] Bdubez reply How do i grow followers? DO i need to water them?
  • [ – ] AJPatz reply Addy was the man got so much time for that straight up gangster
  • [ – ] GalaxyGaming reply That Gameboy nostalgia though haha :)
  • [ – ] Arcade-Salad reply really nice games :)
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Ohaiyoooo~gozaimasu! I remember that time I played sonic.exe and that stupid blue hedgehog hasn't left me alone since. I was thinking of downloading that MalO ver1.0.0 app and seeing which one wins. Do you think it could backfire on me? Hey, does anyone remember Mail Order Monsters? No? That's cause I'm the OG of gaming here. How many of you remember Dig Doug? How bout frogger? Does anyone remember Z00l? One of the weirdest one I remember was Another World on Amigo. Hard to describe. Just Google it. Every time I start to forget it, I have some messed up dream about it and I have to go looking for it on Youtube to remind myself I didn't just dream it. I'd have to say, though, the weirdest game I ever played was that one with my uncle in the basement...well, he told me he was my uncle, but now that I think about it...well, crap. Now I need therapy again. Where did I leave that Southern Comfort?
    • [ – ] MariaTheGerman parent reply Haha you sure are the OG of gaming!! I'll have to check this weird game out you have dreams about hahaha don't think the basement game was a great game eh? You should try honey rum! It's the best!!
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