How do you define religion? part 1

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  • DarcsenOfLegend reply I've noticed that the modern world have two different working definitions of "religion": one objective, the other a stereotypical profile (such as "nerd" or "jock"). When speaking of religion objectively, I think of it as any set of beliefs and practices that center around a spiritual being(s) or force(s) that the individual or group believes had a hand in the creation of the universe in part or as a whole and that oversees the continued existence of mortal life. I basically see the term "religion" objectively through the same mindset that one would use to define "history" or "mathematics". I completely reject the profile definition, though. In my experience, when one defines themselves as "religious" or someone else slaps that metaphorical label on you, you and your opinions become something lesser, more primitive in their eyes. They avoid conversation regularly, especially when related to matters of politics and moral philosophy because they "just KNOW you're going to bring it up"...more. They think you're uptight and can't have any fun; that you're a buzzkill to be around. I used to be a hardcore atheist, but I became convinced of Christianity after studying it historically and scientifically for two years. As such, my transition opened my eyes to the rather freeing and flexible nature of faith: that, rather than limiting myself like I used to believe--and many others still do--I have greater potential to grow myself according to who I am as an individual. Thus, I don't fit into the social definition of "religious," and wholly reject it. I am still me: the difference, instead, is that I have a new friendship with Jesus Christ! This was an interesting video, my friend. I've followed and look forward to future videos from you that will help me gain a deeper understanding of your faith. It's not easy to start this kind of channel, regardless of your beliefs, considering how many people like to start comment wars over religion, but I'm rooting for you! Perhaps we can even discuss our beliefs with each other in the future :D
  • [ – ] kitsap_lady reply Frightening. My religion is love and kindness.
  • DarkstormPlayz reply What is your favourite version of Minercaft and why?
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