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  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply So I am NOT going through a weird phase where NONE of the seasonal anime is appealing to me this year!
  • [ – ] John_Cardboard reply The whole "World building" part is just a deep hole in the middle of the ocean. It's been there for thousands of years a nobody knows or talks anything about it. And the part that really put me off was when Reg tried to cut Riko's hand an failed. Damn that was edgy as fuck.
    • [ – ] aristeoelsabio parent reply Yeah that was a pretty edgy scene but its gets worse: In the season finale when the past of nanachi is revealed, its show how a bunch of white whisle use children as a guinea pig to investigate the curse of the abyss (just because) turning the children into mutants that suffers a lot and worse part is that they cannot die and have to suffer all eternity.
  • LordTerminal reply Meh. I'm still putting this on my to watch list. I'll make my own decision on it.
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I don't know which is worse in terms of torture porn; this or Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan?
  • bastek66 reply Shit overview as expected. Why would you expect everything to be explained when it's adaptation of ongoing manga? You also lied - there was traditional celebration on the surface before they left. Only part I agree is GuruGuru best anime of the season.
  • [ – ] BobAinsleyFord reply Made in Abyss is fetish show of the season, not Kakegurui. It has shota, loli, milf, torture, suffering, gore, trap, bdsm, furry, ahegao, etc. Don't be fooled by the great soundtrack and neat visuals. Made in Abyss is a poorly crafted fetish show and a candidate to be the most overrated show of the year (alongside Owarimonogatari).
  • aristeoelsabio reply Its start very promising in the beggining but in the middle way gets very edgy with soo much suffering y misery with out justification. I know that in the beggining make it clear that the abyss is a very dangerous place but because the main character are so plot armored its throw away all the tension and no matter whats happen the will survive one way or another with some sort of plot convinience and thats ruin the concept of aventure that the serie want to create.
  • Shadow-Priest reply Wanna know what else is also torture-porn and the elitists still think is amazing? Berserk after the eclipse.
  • copperfield42 reply fair review, this adaptation is pretty well done, so well in fact that manga reader knew the exact page were it would end with 99% certainty
  • copperfield42 reply so somebody paid you or you do it because you wanted?
  • peromiestilounico reply Rule 34 is needed
  • [ – ] Ryuzar reply "Made in Abyss" adaptation is like "Brigadoon: Marin to Melan" but ended in a cliffhanger and leave many things unanswered.
    • bastek66 parent reply Japan liked last episode, bd-box skyrocketed to top 10 preorders on amazon so there is a chance for sequel.
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