TV Trash: Worst South Park Episodes

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply 10: Had potential, but the shit jokes ruined them completely. 9: I stopped watching the show after Return of Chef. 8: I have to agree on the Trial by Media, especially with Tanya Harding. Come on dipshits, her boyfriend attacked Nancy on his own volition. 7: Dull as shit, and wasted its potential. 6: This makes me appreciate why I stopped watching. Trey and Matt screwed the pooch with this one. 5: I do agree with the "Smokers' Rights" message, but the execution sucked hard. That entire season was nothing but unfunny bukkake. 4: This also sucked. By the way, I've known strippers and prostitutes who are actually good people. 3: I may have gotten a couple of chuckles out of this, but after this, I gave up on the show completely. By the way, Isaac wasn't a Scientologist. It was his manager who was. Plus, Hayes was suffering from health problems during season 9's production. 2: That was an entire bore that was also extremely retarded. 1: Never seen it, and probably for the best. To be hones...moret, Trey and Matt have talent, but squander it on repetitive storylines, terrible jokes that are forced as shit, loaded with bogus sentiment, and at times, takes itself too seriously.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply I liked the first three seasons of South Park, but it eventually suffered from Seasonal rot. (More on the show in TV Shows Everyone Likes That I Don't.)
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