My Thoughts on Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 1

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  • [ – ] ShadowerCreations reply I was a little on the fence about checking this show out, but I'll give it a shot after watching this. I just feel like most anime nowadays are all the same lol. This does sound pretty cool though.
    • [ – ] Burnout26 parent reply Same I felt like checking it out because its being produced by the same people who made that Re:Zero anime. I read like the first 10 chapters of the LN and wasnt really impressed. But its average as best unlike how Re:Zero was though.
      • [ – ] ShadowerCreations parent reply Nice nice. Have you seen the show Hand Shakers? I'd be cool to see your thoughts on that. The animation and camera angles seem almost "Experimental". It's pretty interesting.
        • Burnout26 parent reply I did see episode 1 of it. And dropped it seeing how it looked really weird. I mean I do like the people who made K same people who did hand shakers it just looked weird
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