Geordie Prepper - Grid Down Action

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  • [ – ] Lawborn reply It looks like you have a good start on a fast action plan. I bought a couple of alcohol stoves to cook small meals and to boil water with. Also solid fuel folding stoves. Of course water is plentiful in my area so sterilizing it is my only challenge. As for emergency water storage I keep gallon jugs on hand and I discovered a nifty trick - Large plastic storage containers can be filled with water right in the bathtub and set aside. Then the bathtub can be filled too. I can keep many gallons ready to go that way.
    • geordieprepper parent reply Hey man thanks. We hardly ever get any interruptions to the electricity supply but when it goes you just don't know when it will come back on again. I do have other water on hand and small stoves to boil water and of course other ways to filter and purify water.
  • Blue_Rayner reply you just don't know when it will come back on again, however you can tune in to your local radio station for updates with a windup radio ofcause Thank you.
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