RAINY DAY DEEDS ♥ Stardew Valley [ Simulation/RPG Game] [EP. 25]

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  • AwesomeJenn reply Some games should never have 3D graphics. Harvest Moon to me was one of them. ^_^;
  • Aaronshy reply I don't blame you there.
  • AwesomeJenn reply Those are the best! I didn't like the 3D rendition of Harvest Moon in looks. It was too weird.
  • Aaronshy reply Yes. Especially the one where you can actually throw cucumbers in the kappas pond.
  • AwesomeJenn reply I did love me some Harvest Moon.
  • Aaronshy reply Harvest Moon was clearly some inspiration. Can't blame them for doing simular. Harvest Moon is a fun series and very relaxing.
  • Aaronshy reply This game reminds me of harvest moon, Minecraft, and Terraria. I watched others play Terraria probably spelled that wrong but I played the other 2 games.
  • Aaronshy reply Couldn't agree more, By the way the kappa legend is far darker then what Harvest Moon showed.
  • AwesomeJenn reply You have it right about Harvest Moon. I think the creator of this game got his inspiration from Harvest Moon. I like this game for relaxing fun with games. It's not so hectic as action or horror games. Heh! I have played Terraria too. It's pretty good, but I like Starbound a little more.
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