Space is Amazing!

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  • [ – ] USUandS reply It's amazing when you're in an area where there's hardly any lights and at night you can see the entire sky with the stars. You just end up getting lost in thought and amazement.
    • [ – ] AstroLizard parent reply Very true. The silence of being in an open, no lights, not much civilization area is also charming.
      • [ – ] USUandS parent reply Not gonna lie, they're some of my favorite moments to experience.
        • [ – ] Haricz parent reply That's why I love camping. Just you and nature.
          • USUandS parent reply Whenever I visit family in rural places, that becomes a part of the visit. I've never had the opportunity to camp, but I'd jump on it if a friend offered or I found the time.
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply Hey, Aren't you on Youtube to? I think we've talked! Love your stuff ;) Also.. Space is awesome.. When your protected and it wont kill you ofcourse ;P
    • Haricz parent reply Hey, thanks! Really appreciate it. And yeah, I have a YouTube channel too. Your feedback is the kind of feedback that makes me want to make more videos, thanks again! :3
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply Great video BTW. I love your animated guy. :)
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply There is no way I would go to live on mars. I have painfully missed family and friends here on Earth. Going to Mars would be unbearable for me. I wonder if they will make a prison there.
  • BlaisStudios reply Dude I fell the same way. Some times before I go to sleep I just think about the future and what great things we will discover.
  • AstroLizard reply I agree! Space is super coooool. It's so cool I made it my vidme channel background. Cause like, man, it's beautiful.
  • DragoNate reply I don't think I've ever been to a planetarium before, but I had a science center that has had many different kinds of exhibitions, including space. BTW, that lady that's physically attracted to that fence... um... yeah...
  • [ – ] stopjabbaingon reply this is great.
  • [ – ] NickOfTime reply That was such a sweet video with fun stories! I, too, am a firm believer in aliens. We simply CAN'T be the only lifeforms out here!
  • [ – ] ThatMartiniGuy reply nice vid bro
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