Having Gay Parents Is Child Abuse?

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  • Trap_Luverz reply Mark Dice is highkey scum.
  • hsoj95 reply Great video debunking an actual bigot! Ignore the comments saying you are just "REEE'ing" about him. I see the same style comments on Breitbart. You know the truth, and many more do as well, and you video helps more to discover it. Keep up the great work! :)
  • Roamancing reply Wow. Horrified that there are people that think like Mark Dice. So much hate in that man.
  • [ – ] bxcope reply you totally missed the point that people to give up mom's day because it hurts gay people raising children, YOUR TWISTED TWISTING WHAT HE IS SAYING, WHY DON'T YOU SHUT YOUR HOLE!
    • RationalOutlaw parent reply I never said that we should get rid of Mother's day. I have no problem whatsoever with schools having Mother's day events. What gave you the impression that I did?
    • [ – ] RationalOutlaw parent reply How am I twisting what he said? I agreed with him that how the gay parents were reacting was ridiculous. My main problem with him was that he equated having gay parents as child abuse.
      • [ – ] bxcope parent reply he has the right to say it, agree with him or not, saying this study or that study??? proves that gay couples won't be abusive, is not true either, no one gets a free pass that they will make good parents, no matter who is adopting children, but abuse in his view means they know they are intentionally raising their child motherless, because these gay men knowingly setting up a baby to not have a mother, only two female dads in a way, projecting their way of life on an innocent child. Good or bad no one will know except the baby growing up in their home. Some people, gay, straight or whatever should never be parents. get it now?
        • RationalOutlaw parent reply Just look at the definition for child abuse.
        • RationalOutlaw parent reply And I did not say he does not have the right to say what he believes. I am 100% for the first amendment. I was just saying that he is wrong.
        • [ – ] RationalOutlaw parent reply I never said that no gay parents abuse their kids. All I was say was that Homosexual parents are no worse than heterosexual parents. And those articles are very credible source. Also, Mark Dice did not give any evidence to support his claim that having gay parents is child abuse.
          • [ – ] bxcope parent reply I can find reports saying whatever bias I want, somebody is always writing a report, more reports then arse holes, yikes, plus when you say a report, say who did it, even though as I said before, you can find a bias report anywhere, you can pay for someone to write one, or a memo, wink wink, anyway, it is different, Mom's day is to celebrate all Moms, you have one right, but doing away with Mother's day is not going to get you say a "parents day" "guardian Day" "whatever the frack day" not that my Mother wasn't' worse then mother dearest, but it's about the labor pain endured - give women that at least lolol, peace
            • RationalOutlaw parent reply I never said they should change the name of mothers day. And one of my articles is from the American Psychology Association. It is a respected organization for mental health.
  • [ – ] VallicChainZ reply the guy who said "gay parents having children is child abuse" must have been watching too many "cringe compilations" to actually have that retarded of a mindset! XD
    • [ – ] bxcope parent reply It is American Psychological (not Psychology) Association Members File Law Suit Over Special Assessment Mark Moran Published online: April 15, 2011 The suit against the American Psychological Association highlights the sensitive nature of organizations that advocate for the political interests (see that bias Interests) of a profession and the need for transparency about how those organizations are funded. Meaning these reports are bull looney & I talk to real people and find things out. Like polls, anyone can swing on one, lolol 😄
  • [ – ] YousefArt reply having a shitty babby like me is child abuse ;c
  • wolfalexzemla reply marx cuckerberg complaining to harvard students that he makes too much money. poor bastard is too dumb to figure out how to help people with 40 billion dollars. He wants the people working pay check to paycheck to pay for it all. I guess he will just have to go to work in the morning. terrible fvcking life.
  • wolfalexzemla reply awesome mark dice on vidme. please make more
  • [ – ] MaitreMarkScully reply I saw a photo in the Australian ABC news, two gay men raising a child in a happy way. Then channel 7 news ran a news article with the same photo of the same men telling how a child sex ring had been discovered where theses 'fathers' prostituted the poor child. I am with Mark Dice here.
    • RationalOutlaw parent reply There are Heterosexual parents who have done similar things to their children.
    • RationalOutlaw parent reply Mark Dice gave no evidence to support his claim
    • [ – ] RationalOutlaw parent reply That is the same logic that the left uses to say that all white people are racist. That is the same thing Hillary did when she called half of trump Supporters deplorable.
      • MaitreMarkScully parent reply Hay, I'm sorry. I had enjoyed the troll free zone that vidme is, I see that I have trolled you for no good reason. I do not want vidme to become bitchy like youtube can be. You make good counter points and I shall concede them to you - touche
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