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  • [ – ] OCVids reply nice bro
  • [ – ] SurfersSelfies reply sweet video cuz. thats a huge as fuck knife :P
  • [ – ] DjBennett80 reply Damn mate I had a hot girl like bikini girl doing that I would of had to turn camera off cheers
  • [ – ] CJwoodruff reply PS: good shit man, keep vlogging. We need more tattooed vloggers on here ;). Maybe we can start a club!?!? Lmfao
  • [ – ] CJwoodruff reply Dude the cannon G7x has been a fucking life saver dude. I did 90% vlogging from my iPhone 7 which is awesome! But then found the G7x on Craigslist for like $300... which isn't too bad. Anyway, the camera is fucking amazing for vlogging. I'm using a T6i cannon for pro stuff... but vlogging that G7x is the tits
    • Modified_Adventure parent reply Thanks dude, you might have seen the canon 70D in the back ground. thats what i normally use but of course was using it to film the other vid so gave the NIKON a try again. i got it because its water proof and shock resistant but thats about all its good for. went back to the GoPro 5 and Phone today but i need something more Vloggy for sure. G7X sound good.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply First 12 seconds totally cracked me up. The thing is, for me I watch guys like you which inspires me to go out and try something similar. I encourage you not to be exclusive to any platform, your content is too good for that and you need to be seen.
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