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  • Sinistar_Aries reply Oh cripes... that chick is a trip. ..and yet, I'm really not surprised she's wanting to mooch off people that will actually put some work into what they do. She can barely talk or form sentences, I'm guessing because she's rested so much instead of challenging herself to get better and find reasons to live in this huge fucking world we live in. She looks like it takes a great deal of energy to talk and not puke. That worries me. ._.
  • AceAcer2 reply Something tells me she took all this time to reply because her brain is too slow to process the information - it's a wild guess but it's the most logical one :P
  • EHXKOR reply This girl makes me laugh way too much. She's so freakin' entitled oh my god
  • BrandonVoiceVidme reply Your voice is so badass man it's like a fusion of Liam Neeson and a bond villain I followed LOL
  • [ – ] draconath reply hmmm? she does look like a cow teet face whiny baby.
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