Anime Movies Will Takeover Hollywood, Probably

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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I can see Steve Wang, Screaming Mad George, and David Hayter teaming up with Paul Verhoeven to reboot The Guyver movies. I am in the middle on Speed Racer. Kite felt pointless. Fist of the North Star needs to be remade into something more faithful to the manga.
  • [ – ] HopkinsHat reply If anime becomes mainstream, then it will be nuderd.
    • TheFilmguy parent reply that's hard to say. because it wouldn't be every anime it would be a certain kind of anime. just like it isn't every comic it's mostly superhero comics
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply One of the things that makes sequential story telling like comic books, graphic novels, and manga a boon is the ability for a director/executive to read the story just like a story board. They will probably storyboard independently during pre-production, but when pitching an adaptation having the story already laid out in a way that makes sense to the people at the helm will make it much easier to envision making it into a movie.
    • TheFilmguy parent reply that's a great observation. I mean all good directors have to make changes to the source material but a lot of the work is done for them.
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply It seems to be going that way, Hollywood seem to be running out of ideas.
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