Top 7 Worst Game Theory Videos [Part 1]

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  • Shrugz reply I understand people disliking his videos, but am I crazy for thinking that people who basically rage (As in really lose their heads over it) because they think his theories are "Far fetched" maybe have a little too much time on their hands? Not you specifically considering you talk about how/why you dislike these videos, but there are so many that are on some kind of hate train about his videos. Good on you for going in depth though, this is the kind of video he can watch and actually learn from rather to just hearing someone repeatedly screaming about how much they hate him.
  • [ – ] tomatohentai-trashcan reply I've honestly always thought that a lot of Mat's theories felt very far-fetched and just plain ridiculous most of the time. It's why I stopped watching in the first place. By the way, you tend to kinda slur your words a bit sometimes in this video. I don't know about your other videos since this is the first video of yours I've seen, but I thought I'd mention it. Followed you, by the way.
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