FRIEZA'S SECOND CHANCE? | A Dragonball Discussion

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  • DarkDemonCraze reply Good old Frieza he never learns he should just retire, find a nice planet and stay far away from Goku clearly he can't beat him.
  • Orginaljun reply Frieza never learns, Yes he is strong and bad. Defeated so many times by goku, argh (facepalm)you think that frieza has some brain left to think do something with his life. Still i love dragonball z series. ^^
  • mr1van reply You know, I pretty much skipped those first two arcs. The movies really did the trick for me and I didn't really need any extra info. I started watching the Universe 6, got caught on some tidbits (like Goku vs Copy Vegeta), and got hooked with the Zamasu arc. This Tournament of Power is keeping me watching, and has me excited for future fights.
  • AxxL_Afriku reply 17 upvotes, but I can only see 7
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