Longest European Words & Meanings

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  • allaj reply Estonian language has a lot of compound words so basically that word (sünnipäevanädalalõpupeopärastlõunaväsimus) consists of a 8 different words (sünni.päeva.nädala.lõpu.peo.pärast.lõuna.väsimus). My favourite Estonian word is kuulilennuteetunneliluuk (hatch of the bullet pathway tunnel) - you can read it from both ends. :) ___ ä - /ae/ ö - /er/ ü - /ue/ õ - it is kinda unique letter… something between e and u Good video!
  • einaugd reply You can make longer Norwegian words if you want to, I think the one you used is the longest which is commonly used, so I guess It's right in a sense. From a wiki article on the subject: "In theory, though, it is possible in Norwegian to make words as long as one wants; for instance, menneskerettighetsorganisasjonssekretæren (the secretary of a human rights organization), menneskerettighetsorganisasjonssekretærkurset (the course for secretaries working for human rights organizations), menneskerettighetsorganisasjonssekretærkursmateriellet (the material for a course for secretaries working for human rights organizations), and so on, are possible. The reason is that compounds are, unlike in English, mostly closed in Norwegian (skolebuss vs. school bus). Definite articles are also suffixed instead of being separate words (bussen vs. the bus), which may lengthen nouns by an additional two-three letters."
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