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  • JaxDagger reply I never usually fall for the clickbait, in all honesty its enough to make me unsub to some channels that i've followed before, it doesn't always work as intended, but funny vid anyway, took a while to get into it though, this worked simply because the titles sounded informative rather than clickbaity yet was still kinda both.
  • ChinoMac reply i have epilepsy
  • BTHOT reply This was sick dude. We should collab. I make sketches. Let me know if you like my work
  • Bernsie reply Ur a vidme god
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply don't over-promise and under-deliver. better to make bad titles so that the viewers expectations can be as low as possible and then when they watch the video. BAM!
    • Lummo parent reply I think thats exactly what I do....i alway get comments like "i thought you were a click bait trends channel...but then was amazed that you actually care to explain things and give your own creative in a way..i just write whatever tittle i think fits the video without worrying if its good or bad but the video has to be good to stand on its own.
  • [ – ] Illusion_Insanity reply The irony is strong here
    • Lummo parent reply Al though I understand where you come from, you can not talk about clickbait without demonstrating its power by actually catching people's attention. On youtube for example, if you search for "types of click bait", you will see those videos explaining click bait also used click bait as a way of illustration. Also it is not clickbait if you are showing what the tittle and thumbnail suggest.
  • TravenTalks reply I don't think Clickbait, or at least the modern definition of it, is that bad, its simply exaggerating your stuff to try and bring in more of an audience. Though, you need to be careful you don't get exaggerate too much, otherwise you're just gonna end up disappointing everyone.
  • HeadcolorsTV reply Upvoted for the first minute. 🙂
  • Wilba reply Good video man!
  • Lummo reply I will be posting my Youtube Videos on this Website. If You enjoy my videos, please up-vote it or share it. Thank You! :D
  • Zimbo_Gamer reply how do you add your video to a category?
  • [ – ] TenHourGuy reply Music from LilDeuceDeuce.
  • [ – ] QuazzVids reply I resisted clicking on this video after seeing the title and thumbnail, as they are very enticing and I didn't want to succumb to the power of clickbait. But then I saw the view count at 4k+ and I just had to see what all the hubbub was about lol
    • [ – ] Lummo parent reply it's funny because I just came from watching your videos haha not even joking. And I always make my videos in a way people don't expect. Maybe thats why they stay. Anyways means a lot you took the time and actually gave me a chance :)
      • [ – ] QuazzVids parent reply Dude, that's awesome. I really enjoyed how you produced this video. Keep it up and congrats on the success :D
        • [ – ] Lummo parent reply so far its been good on this new platform. I hope to keep on making new videos i hope people can learn something or feel compelled to share for pure entertainment. Also your channel is amazing so I will be following you right now! :D
          • QuazzVids parent reply That feels great to hear - thanks for following, man! I followed you back. Tomorrow I will take a look at your videos because right now I really gotta start editing this piece (it's actually due tonight lol). btw, I have a similar outlook on creating videos. But for me I mostly do this because I enjoy it lol
  • [ – ] DavidTheGamer reply clickbait 4 lif3 !!!!
    • [ – ] Lummo parent reply lol as long as its not done in a fake manner, its fine in my opinion. You have to stand out from the crowd some how.
      • [ – ] DavidTheGamer parent reply Lol I have never click bait before :P
        • Lummo parent reply me neither...other than caps on my tittles to make it seem like I suck but when people click they see what I am all about haha lol you can even read my comments and see people say "i didnt want to click this video...but its not bad etc. haha
  • [ – ] Thedontworrybehappychannel reply You are amazing...
  • [ – ] Luke_and_Pat reply well it worked on me
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