On Predatory Contracting: Why PewDiePie Should Be Happy His Career Got F*****

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  • [ – ] Angry_Rambo_Show reply Very informative political/legal porn, thank you :)
  • [ – ] WhatNextSunshine reply Dont worry bout clickbaits :-) You provide solid knowledge and the headline is totally fine. Didnt kno that gamers... have to move to a different place? Bad. Good idea to build communitys and hire lawyers.
    • [ – ] girlreadingbooks parent reply Thank you for you comment! Yes, it is often a strange clause and it is a very recent trend. A disturbing one at that, as many teams are comprised of minors from different countries. It's a very unfortunate turn now than big whigs like ESPN realize there is money in big gaming. Just like them to try and make terrible standards in a still budding Multi-Media Digital Entertainment economy.
      • WhatNextSunshine parent reply yes, and if you kno how brainwashing works, it is even more disturbing that reloaction and separation plays a big part in it. what are these places like? Big rat cages? Fantastic tho you offer transparence here! Keep going <3 plz
  • [ – ] OpulentMiracle reply "Just because you're a young person, you're supposed to be grateful for the opportunity" <-- I've eaten that shit sandwich before and I didn't enjoy it.
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Seriously, the amount of times I've heard that - particularly in the artist context is incredible. Same with "internships." As someone who's been a law clerk or "legal intern" for quite a few firms/companies, it's the FREE research and work largely from the JD students and interns that many firms and companies make their $$, while associates type the bent of the partners in their memos - (I mean not always) but the general Principle justifying free labor here is ridiculous. Pay people folks. If you can afford to pay yourself $100k+, throw some bones. Like the restaurant rule, if you can't afford to tip, eat less.
  • [ – ] hasher411 reply Great Video!
  • JRCSalter reply I decided to become an independent author partly because of the horror stories I read about publishing contracts. I didn't want to give up control of my work just to receive a pittance of my earnings, and have to do much of the marketing myself. At the moment, I am earning nothing (though I am still just starting out). But I have 100% control over how I market myself, on how my covers look, on what I can do with my content, and where it can be distributed (as a side note, my work is not going into Amazon's Select program specifically because of their exclusivity clause. I like my work to be available to everyone on any format they choose)
  • [ – ] ArchaicRealms reply This was a really good video! I pay attention to the game "game" and you hit on stuff I know, and stuff I hadn't thought of. I'm glad to be following for more videos from you!
    • girlreadingbooks parent reply Thank you!! So generous. I am indeed quite concerned about the gaming industry as big interests get into the space. They have big $$$ and can manipulate contracting standards resulting in more predatory impact. It's up to kids (and their parents) to wisen up to dopey deals.
  • ArchaicRealms reply In relation to #3, pretty sure the mouse has some "brofist" clips in the vault.
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