Coolest people on the planet

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  • countrygal81461 reply Homesteading with the Cases are the best and and awesome channel to follow also if you don't follow them already
  • BobbyTheSheep reply HELLLLOO Human!!!! I love the simplicity of your channel, and I'm also a big fan of Jack (the Skeleton). I think it was one of Tim Burton's best work you know? And it's hand painted too? Very thoughtful gift from a human you know? I wish someone would give me one of those too!!! Are you from Southern USA by the way? I just went there last year (I come from Asia) and really love it you know? As a sheep I really love Southern cooking (except when it involves sheep meat). Especially corn bread and BBQ!!! Best food ever!! Gonna find you on YouTube too to see if you have any animal videos, hee hee!
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