Bleacher Knockout - De'Andre Johnson

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  • oneloveR reply Islam is safe the woman , i can't tach girl same these in my life
  • kristopper reply Equal rights and equal lefts #merica
  • gabij2010 reply Got what she deserved. Act aggressive to someone else and you will get consequences from it. She got it in the form of a punch. But they are drunk as hell I would say. So life goes on...
  • aliasaad reply She is a girl and what she would do when he tach her she didn't deserve that and if I were there i would stand by her
  • DoubleD6262 reply She deserved every bit of it. She threatened and hit first
  • dogshitsandwhich reply And here come the tears...
  • jodigirl reply She Deserved It! I Understand No-one Would Want Their Daughter To Get Treated Like That, But Gota Look At It Both Ways..... Would U Think It's OK For Some Drunk Bitch To Treat Ur Son Like That? All he wanted was a drink, if she didn't put her hands on him 1st. She wouldn't Of gotten BitchSlapped! U Act Like A Man, Ur Gonna Get Treated Like A Man! .....
  • gonefishing reply Dam those guys behind her just watch Fcking pussies. She had bigger balls then them.
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