|| A Doggo GIF || Makin' Toons

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  • [ – ] PopFizzy reply Dog.
  • [ – ] DaveTheSmeargle reply My computer has a crack that I didn't know about. That was the white line, sorry. Also, with the brush thing, I feel you.
    • adesyndicate parent reply I normally use Toon Boom, but the laptop Toon Boom is installed on is in an office building and I only have Flash at home.
  • [ – ] DaveTheSmeargle reply besides that white line at the mouth, this seems pretty nice. A bit jumpy, but cute.
    • adesyndicate parent reply I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by a "white line at the mouth" because all the lines in this are black. The reason why everything is so jumpy is because using Flash to animate is 1/4 animating and 3/4 fighting with the Brush tool to get a decent stroke. Thank you!
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