Jewstein The New Order

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  • ketamaniac reply Sieg heil brothers!!! long live white Europa!
  • NordStache reply Heil Hitler! Hail Victory!
  • Angry_Rambo_Show reply Wolfenstein the New Order: yet another Zionist propaganda tool to brainwash white children. The Germany foot solder's faces all hidden well to dehumanize them, while the superior officer is given monstrous faces to vilify them. The whispering grunt pawn and lapdog of the mystical Zionist gatekeeper seethes with bitter cowardice in his voice while he carries out their suicidal directives against enemies he knows he is wrong to oppose because of their awesome and unique greatness. In the end he is faced with a dilemma he cannot reasonably solve on the highest difficulties: an admittance from the director that the whole premise of the plot is utterly ridiculous.
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