Hurricane "Harvey" - Irregularities

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  • weiggie66 reply The US has a long history of storms like Harvey. I used to live in New Jersey on the Atlantic coast. We had what they call a "Noreaster". These storms often stall out and slowly ride the northeast coastline. The storm dropped 36 inches of snow in 18 hours. It shut down the highway between Philadelphia and New York. I think it was in 1994. The Harvey storm was similar to the noreaster but was in the Gulf coast where it was fed by very warm water. This storm is not man made.
  • [ – ] Inaflap reply I think this guy is more likely mentally ill and suffering from paranoid delusions. Why would a cop be sleeping rough? Don't they pay cops in the US? This is most likely a case of care in the community... or more accurately, fuck all care in the community. That reporter is probably the first person to stop and talk to him in a while.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply It is possible. That is why I am not sure how much truth there is to the story. I am just saying that there is something strange going on. The man may be deranged, or drunk, or whatever, sure. It is more of a gut feeling I have, that there is something wrong about this hurricane.
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