Are The Primarchs The Embodiments Of The Emperors Emotions? - 40K Theories

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  • zanardbell reply I think someone already said it, but it was Erebus who made the comparison, not that it held any true significance. But reading through the books, it isn't as easy as saying Angron = Emperor's Anger or Corax = Emperor's Cold Fury. The primarchs have been written better than to represent just one emotion.
  • OttoTheGreat reply Neat theory. While I do think the Primarchs represent aspects of the Emperor's personality I don't think there is much to it other than hereditary inheritance. It's important to remember the Emperor is a human with flaws like anyone else, and his cold emotionlessness and doubt are flaws of himself as a father. Only if the emperor were some kind of God BEFORE the creation of the Primarchs could he have divided his personality like theorized. He is probably god-like now as a result of the Imperial Cult and nothing, not even the death of all the Primarchs could restore him - he is likely entirely a warp entity at this point. A kind of god of humanity.
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