North Korea Threatens To Nuke Guam

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  • [ – ] PoorlyReported reply Intermediate range most likely. ICBMs are over kill and to unreliable for limited and short range engagement, especially given throw weight of their physics packages. Also, our THAAD and SM-3 missiles exist, but they don't work well. The issues isn't a saturation strike, it is our poor intercept probability. CWIS/C-RAM can engage a 10mm mortar up to 200mm + artillery, but we can't reliably intercept ballistic missiles. Otherwise, I'm with you. let me know if you want to know more.
    • [ – ] drewwest_press parent reply Sure, our interception capabilities are limited but we’re facing a very limited threat. They can only do but so much while we can totally annihilate them.
      • PoorlyReported parent reply SM-3 is more likely to hit in the boost phase, nearer to the Korean coast. I have no other issues with the video provided. I should also note that, ICBMs are more likely to be used than I though initially, but I still think IRBMs are more likely than not. This is a fund raiser by DPRK to get more foreign aid, and test the temperament of the new U.S. administration. He won't launch unless he's really desperate. Keep up the good work man.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply I am still not concerned. We should be more concerned about Israel, Saudi Arabia, and IS. The THAAD system will take care of any misses coming over the border of South Korea. Guam shod not even be a U.S. territory but their own soverign nation. This my Libertarian side speaking.
    • drewwest_press parent reply The loss of life on our end would be minimal. North Korea would be wiped off the map. That’s my real concern. The regular people who suffer at the hands of psychopaths.
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